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lighting of all classrooms in the school. I will talk to the head teacher today concerning the issue. Of course, though we take it easy ignorantly, it does affect the performance in the long-run. But it is good that when you are faced with a problem, you should follow the right procedure instead of disrupting learning process by making noise rudely. Thanks. Work Cited Lundrigan, Stephanie. "Meeting the Academic, Social and Emotional Needs of Students With or At Risk for a Severe Behaviour Designation: A Literature Review."...

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lighting, and tangled power cords lying next to the patient or jackbox cable are outside sources. The patient room should be well-shielded from these external sources while proper grounding of the electrodes is also beneficial. Electrode Bridge Artifact This artifact occurs when a substance, such as sweat, exacerbates low-impedance between two electrodes causing them to connect physically. It is mechanical in nature due to the fact that disruption of the electrical connection results in low-impedance electrical bridges. Unlike the other artifacts that can be readily viewed on recorded data, pairwise comparisons help to identify identical or nearly identical channels via the “superimposition of...

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