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hamburgers, to kill the time until the other guests arrive and the great party is celebrated, you think, to be sitting without doing anything better I am productive, you start preparing the blissful hamburgers , you realize the time to which you finish asking them questions for the guests and you are answered that as it is late they cannot assist and that the party will take tomorrow, you leave, anxious but at the same time angry. Tomorrow arrives, you go to the party the same is told (the hamburger. Absurd right? You are in all the right to feel idiot for everything you did, but finally you are realizing that this is our life, if just as Monotonous and Boba is life. That of studying to work so that...

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Food Safety


hamburger. Scenario 2 Causes of Sally and his family’s illness Putting the chicken out three hours on the counter to marinate may have allowed pathogens to find their way into the chicken. This was very dangerous since, within that period, pathogens got time to grow on the meat since the temperature was favorable with enough oxygen. She also served a marinade that contained raw meat which was already contaminated. She would have marinated the chicken in the refrigerator to prevent any form of bacteria from growing on the meat since the open air allowed pathogens to access the marinating chicken meat. Also, she would have brought the marinade to boil to a certain temperature level that could easily...

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hamburger. Although the hotel I specifically famous for its burger quality, other fast foods like fries are available too. Admittedly, the cheese burgers are made from high quality 80/20 beef. Even so, you get the feeling that you are taking burger made from Kobe beef or beef that is source locally. If the quality of burger you get from this restaurant is delicious in every bit that it has fat and grease, not to mention buns, toppings, and enough cheese, what else would you ask for? It makes a lot of sense to say that every person who is the fun of burgers in Saudi Arabia has heard about, or has been to Five Guys Hotel. In summary, the Five Guys Hotel is the place to stop over for any type of burger...