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George Washington’s essay is one of the top essays written by students in the USA. The essay about George Washington always covers some aspects of the life of this remarkable politician. You may need to prepare an essay about George Washington’s life, achievements, influence on the United States’ policy, exceptional events in his career, etc.

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George Washington drawn from the autobiography “Alexander Hamilton” by Ron Chernow. Miranda’s choice of casting for this vintage is quite astonishing since the play is about predominantly white old men. He has audaciously cast Caucasian, colored and Latino actors to try and conform to contemporary times and to enthrall his audience with the irony of it. The brilliance of the Hamilton cast choices is an extraordinary leap in American theater, nay it’s a leap for the whole world of theater. The diversity he has introduced not only enables the audience come to terms with and even appreciate the contemporary nature of our modern society, but it also gives them an opportunity to trade roles and...

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