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fermentation of red blueberries, syrup and water. It is a very popular drink with very little alcohol and which can be consumed both hot and cold. KOMPOT: It is a typical fruit juice to which starch is added to be thickened. You can find flavors such as гранат (Granada), грша (pear), ябоко (apple), тote. Ryazhenka: Fermented milk drink, caramel flavor. A lot is usually done in Russian homes because of its ease. It contains many vitamins, which strengthen the immune system. Tea: Another drink of greater consumption and that brings Russians is tea. You can take before or after a meal, with breakfast, with the snack, before going to bed or to have a good time. Any time is good to...

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fermentation favor the digestion of lactose stimulate the immune system and give rise tothat the elimination of pathogens through the intestine is much easier. With respect to constipation, these bacteria metabolize sugar and transform it into lactate and acetate;If the amount of bifidobacteria bacteria is high there will be a greater amount of acid and therefore the intestine will be more acidic by suppressing abnormal fermentation originated by pathogenic microorganisms. And stimulating the intestine peristaltic movements. Its properties give rise to being a good substitute for creams, mayonnaise, margarine etc. Jocoque microbiota composition. Is made from: cow's milk. Lactic crops. Active...



Fermentation Lab ReportYeast refers to a single-celled fungus that bakers use for commercial purpose since CO2 makes the dough to rise. Besides, yeast is used by vintners and brewers because the fermentation process is used to produce ethanol. Notably, yeast is a perfect model to explore energy metabolism since the CO2 generated as the byproduct of fermentation and respiration process could be captured and quantified. Yeast fermentation is also referred to as the alcoholic fermentation. Fermentation refers to the process through which yeast converts the sugars into carbon dioxide and ethanol in absence of oxygen (Dawson 532). The experiment will test different types of sugars to establish the ones...

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fermentation, only two molecules of ATP are produced for every molecule of glucose used. Also, Oxygen is not used as opposed to the later. That is why in fermentation less energy is given out. Glycolysis occurs in a series of steps, in the organelles of a cell. It first occurs in the cytoplasm. Then the subsequent steps take place in the mitochondrion. However, fermentation happens in the cytoplasm only. Usually, with prokaryotic cells, every form of metabolism occurs in the cytoplasm including fermentation whereas in eukaryotic ones only fermentation occurs in the cytoplasm. All other respiration forms occur in the mitochondria (Hartwell et al. 48). The citric acid cycle occurs in the mitochondria...