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phones Introduction Today, the cell phone is a vital part of our lives, much of our time is found in it, without a doubt the cell phone facilitates our communication and information, so much so that from making calls, reviewing our social networks are part of thedaily living. Excessive use of this device can generate problems in our physical and mental health. It is said that a new tendency to generate new needs, so technology would bring problems, if its use is not controlled. So what should we do to avoid it? Developing A few years ago, physical health problems were both suspicible, as of writers, the excessive use of their hands for writing would generate problems in the joints of these. Now...

phones while driving, providing use of safety belts and managing speed limits, setting up road signs, flashing yellow lights, and red light cameras. 7. www.txdot.gov/driver/laws.html8. Differences in speed limits for Texas, Florida, and Maryland: the maximum Highway speed under Texas law is 85mph, Florida is 70mph, and Maryland is 65mph. Similarities in reckless driving regulations: there is no reckless driving threshold in the states of Texas, Florida, and Maryland with a misdemeanor penalty in case of reckless driving. 9. The issue of driving safety falls under the vehicles and traffic laws of the state of Texas. This means the state governments have to be entirely involved in traffic...

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phones. Information systems have been developed to make the information management easier, faster and efficient. Consequently, the performance of enterprises is greatly improved. However, there are challenges that face ICT management. In any organization, most of the data held are often confidential. Therefore, the information needs to be secured by all means possible. There are challenges in the management of data to this expectation like cybercrimes. In the modern society, cybercrimes are critical and persist to be for the anticipatable future. The cybercrimes involve hacking of information systems or gaining unauthorized access to systems and steal information or manipulate data. If data is...