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wrong to cause any species pain or unnecessary harm. However, looking at the bigger picture, if a drug can be used to save thousands or even millions of lives, then the perception changes and testing on a few subjected does not seem as bad. It is also unrealistic to carry out experiments on humans before animals can be tested. The effects that would be occasioned by such tests would even be more gruesome than testing on animals. Science is unforgiving and without the trials, no advancements would be made. New drugs would never be developed and the effects on humans would never be known. Further, the testing is not always as painful as some point it out to be. The animals are given anesthesia to...

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wrong even upon their request by many religions. Also, it is morally wrong to offer someone the means of ending their life. It is just like shooting someone dead upon their request or offering them a gun when you are aware of what they are going to do with it. Death is final and an irreversible event hence giving someone the means to end his life is also morally wrong. In a nutshell, in the event your assist someone to end their life or give them the tools purposefully to do so; you are wrong by most moral or ethical standards. However, there is a legal distinction between the two scenarios. The distinction is defensible ethically in certain circumstances. In some cases, it might not be wrong to...

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wrong. Such abuses are wrong morally not because the animals have an intrinsic sense of rights but because these practices have effects on the nature of human’s ethical sensibilities. The practices have effects on the status of human beings as the ethical agents. Therefore, the abuse of animals by human beings is ethically wrong since it causes a lot of deformations in our ethical culture. In other words, the welfare of animals does not amount to animal rights. The obligations we have towards animals includes allowing them to exist, ensuring their needs are met, treating them humanely and ensuring that their welfare is put under consideration in the event they are kept captive. Human beings...