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The digital essay is an illustrative short communication piece that reveals the writer’s interest in the story. With the use of various visual aids, students can complete great digital essays. The writer must engage the audience once telling the story. The story needs to be interesting for the writer.

It makes the entire digital essay more engaging and interesting. This particular assignment is often assigned for students of creative specialties. Thus, it requires a decent level of creativity and knowledge of the visual tools used. Often, students prepare essays with assigned topics.

When they need to select the main theme on their own, it can be challenging. Still, if you select a topic you are deeply concerned about, it is always better for the results. In case you struggle with topic selection or essay writing, feel free to reach for certified writing assistance.

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digital air measurement), for example, to measure distances of nearby stars and satellites. Trigonometry makes many contributions in our society, such as the construction of houses or buildings and the different measures that must be taken. Trigonometry is very useful in civil engineering for precise calculations. Trigonometry in topography. Science that studies the set of principle and the process of graphically representing the surface of the earth and its forms and details;natural and artificial. Trigonometry is an important part of the terrain, because it is the base, without which it is impossible to know the distance, coordinates, angular measures, etc. Thanks to them today, the location on...

digital and technological skills and the best way to do it is to start in our classrooms by introducing and promoting the use of cell phones, since they are very familiar with them and these are a very important channel of social communication, what that will allow significant learning for students. They allow us to reduce the digital gap of students with less possibilities of technological use compared to those of institutions that have financial support to use various tools, such as access to computer laboratories, video beams, laptops, among others. It is possible to start the student regarding the use of technology, even when the educational institution does not have an educational laboratory of...