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crickets that the lizard consumed to give it energy for its 30-day push-up. Also, I calculated the number of calories contained in a single cricket and the number of crickets the lizard need to consume so that it can fuel all its push-ups. Using the data, I computed the number of dietary Calories the lizard burnt during all the push-ups it did per day. Results Seconds No. of Push-ups done 1 1 2 1 3 1 4 1 5 1 6 1 7 1 8 1 9 0 10 0 11 0 12 0 13 0 Discussion Taking the assumption that there are 121 Calories in 100 grams of crickets, a single gram of cricket, therefore, has 1.21 calories. For 0.5 grams of crickets, each cricket will have 0.605 calories. Total push-ups in a month The...

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cricket. Some of Nike’s brand names include Nike SB, Nike ID, Nike Air Max, Chuck Nike Air Jordan and Nike Free. Some of the raw material used by Nike include organic cotton for the apparels and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) which is used in the manufacturing of shoes. The production of Nike shoes is divided into three main categories based on the shoes. The top part is referred to as the upper, the midsole which cushions and protects the foot and the outsole. The largest portion of the midsole is made up of a combination of material such as EVA, phylon, and rubber (Kerns, n.p.). The outsole is made of a mixture of synthetic rubber compounds. Nike is working on the production of the 3D cushioning...

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