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Creation Story Introduction The Navajo creation story is a myth that involves the Navajo people and their emergence. The location that the story revolves is the Dinetah area, which is the home of the Navajo people. According to Bailey, “The word Diné is now mostly used on the Navajo Nation, and the word "Navajo" almost exclusively used outside the Navajo Nation” (Bailey 126). The creation story of the Navajo discusses the way of life among the Navajo people. ”According to the Diné, they emerged from three previous underworlds into this, the Fourth, or "Glittering World", through a magic reed. The first people from the other three worlds were not like the people of today. They were...

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creation story, the fall of man, as well as the stories of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. These doctrines answer the question as to what the book was addressing. The significance of these teachings is that people can teach themselves the law of God and how He expects us to leave and interact with others. Reference Meszler, J. (2016). The Purpose of Genesis: ‘They’re All God’s Kids’. Huffingtonpost. Retrieved from:, C. (2001). The Tablet Theory of Genesis Authorship. The true origin. Retrieved from: