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court system. Under this power, a perpetrator should be tried and arbitrated by a judge of her or his peers. Throughout the trial, she or he furthermore has a provided entitlement to know the type of the concerns, have legal representative, and to meet any bystanders for the trial. The Eighth Adjustment provides rights for anyone to avoid jail after paying bail. Bail guarantees that a person will come back for her or his court date. I choose to discuss the Eighth Amendment and in what way it has impacted processes implemented in regulation enforcement. The amendment provides rights of getting out of jail by paying bail. The bail is meant to ensure that the suspect doesn’t flee. This reason has...

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Dred Scott


court system of America. In 1857, the USA Supreme Court made a decision denying Scott his plea, making it clear that no Negro, the label used for African slaves, could ever attain the United States Citizenship. The court ruling also nullified the Missouri Compromise established in 1820, which had created limitations to slavery in given territories in the US. Northern objectors were annoyed. The case became their rallying point, contributing to Abraham Lincoln’s election as the president of the US in 1860 (Fehrenbacher, 2001). Scott’s birth dates back to around 1800 in the state of Virginia, as Peter Blow’s slave. Two years later, Blow passed away, and Scott took under the ownership of John...

court system banned the wearing of wigs in the 19th century in Quebec and Ontario thus; Canadian judges do not wear them as a way(s) of adhering to protocol(s). There are even some parts of Canada such as British Columbia, whereby, judges stopped wearing wigs during the early 20th century. Also, there is an understanding that the judge is of middle-level class and this is evident from her dress. The judge wears a black robe with a red sash showing that she is part of Supreme/Appeals Court of other provinces and is categorized as a Provincial High Court Judge. Today in Canada, judges also wear other colored sashes to represent their different hierarchical achievements. There is an evident reflection...