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contract law. Developing In a complementary document to the policy delivered to D. Luis (which had fully satisfied the premium corresponding to the current annuity) contained, in small print and among others, a clause the 5th whose content is as follows: the insurance or insured will lose any right to the corresponding compensation,In case of incident, if it does not communicate the occurrence of this to the sunset, S.A., Within the maximum period of 5 days of having known. On May 15, 2019, the collection of insured Roman pieces was stolen, between four and six in the afternoon. D. Luis, who was on vacation, only had knowledge of the unfortunate event on his return, four days later. Given its many...

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land law


contract law, it becomes apparent that the latter has fewer requirements of form. This can be attributed to the critical position that land holds in British history, as well as the fact that land ownership is considered prestigious. Under English trust law and contract law, formalities are usually required in certain types of transaction. In a small number of cases, trusts and agreements will not be enforceable unless they are consistent with the prescriptions of a specific statute. Despite the laws that exist, it remains apparent that a trend is developing where property rights in land become acquired without following proper formalities. When this happens, it is the individuals with legal interests...

contract law that when an applicant signs a contract; he is bound by the regulations from the local authorities. The contract stated clearly that the Golf Club is entitled to a refund of attorney fee incurred in a court case....