Consumer Buying Behavior Essay Samples and Topic Ideas

week 3


behavior as an impulse consumer because I would buy items without a conscious plan. Once I saw an item that I liked, I would just buy it even if it were not in my budget. One of the questions I responded to on the survey was whether I like being in charge of groups. My answer was “mostly agree” because I like mobilizing people so that we meet our shared objectives and goals. Another question was whether only a fool gives more than they get, my answer was "mostly disagree" because I believe that someone can give whatever amount so long as he or she does it wholeheartedly. Recently, I purchased a Samsung S8 smart phone due to the influence of my social class. A large number of my peers...

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behavior of the consumers is a factor that should be taken into deliberation so as to come up with well-rounded policy. The price that the other competitors are using should also be a factor to consider to ensure that the policy is balanced. Challenges of effectively implementing new pricing strategy There are several challenges that may be encountered during the implementation of the new pricing strategy. Opposition from the staff and most of the people in the management may be one of the challenges that one will have to face during the implementation process of the policy. Some of the reasons for the resistance may be the change in various roles and responsibilities at the workplace that may...