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Constitutional Convention. When Washington is elected as the new president, he offers Hamilton the position of Treasury Secretary and accepts it despite the protests from Eliza. The protests in the play are evident when she utters "Non-Stop" (Hamlin and Arliss, 2012). In Act two, the performance begins by describing Hamilton’s affair with Maria and his numerous cabinet meetings. Jefferson, Burr, and Madison later confront Hamilton for embezzling government money and admit to it. Years later his son dies in a duel. After the second presidential election, Hamilton endorses Jefferson rather than Burr. Burr loses in the election and calls Hamilton for a duel. Hamilton dies after being struck by Burr's...

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constitutional convention in Philadelphia had a sole purpose of revising articles of confederation. However, the discussion resulted in the formation of the entirely new constitution as many compromises made in a bid to appease local factions characterized the proceedings. The main themes dominating the ratification debate included the constitutions parliamentary system, three-fifths compromise and the bill of rights which brought up the element of robust and weak governments ("Federalists And Antifederalists" N.p). Delegates from different states attended the convention. Since the articles gave one vote equally to all the state in Congress, the issue of representation among the different states...

constitutional convention and the thoughts concerning of a new government, (Barbuto, 237). These sentiments were from the perceiving that; with a new administration, there could be hope of a much proper administration; hence the opportunity for airing of the grievances for every individual, no matter how down they might be on the ladder of government. In the areas that were much developed on issues of the economy such as the coastal areas of Massachusetts Bay as well as Connecticut river valley fertile places, the economy mainly from market. The transaction from those productive areas was mainly with wholesale merchants from Europe. The same Europe dealers used to transact with the government;...