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concussion. The crime of concussion constitutes: “The official or public servant who, abusing his position, obliges or induces a person to give or promise improperly, for himself or for another, a good or a patrimonial benefit, will be repressed with a private penaltyFreedom not less than two or more than eight years;disqualification, as appropriate, in accordance with subsections 1.2 and 8 of article 36;And, with one hundred eighty to three hundred and sixty-five days-mult. The crime in question is of greater intensity than other criminal types within the crimes committed by public officials. This crime is unilateral, since the taxpayer is not attributable and on the contrary the active subject...

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concussion that they are connected. Another reason is that we do not acknowledge things as partially true or half-false. Instead, we view options as either true or false based on whether we are sure or we doubt. Works Cited Creaswood, Kerry. “Your Brain Is Not Your Mind: True Nature of Consciousness.” Waking Times, 17 June 2016, Descartes, René. Discourse on Method. Broadview Press, 1637. Print. Kendra Cherry. “What Are Freud's 3 Levels of Mind?” Verywell Mind, Lacewing, Michael. Philosophy for a Level: Metaphysics of God and Metaphysics of...