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Concert Review The Flying Dutchman is one of the best concerts ever been performed. Consisting of three acts, it has been done in two languages, English and German that are both projected over the stage and featured the Austin Opera Orchestra and the Austin Opera Chorus. The Flying Dutchman is a breathtaking story of sacrifice, interposed with raging monologs, rousing choruses, dizzying duets, and an orchestra that depicts the characters’ thoughts and events in the drama. In the drama, one of the central characters is a Dutchman, on whom a curse has been placed to roam the waters in a ghostly ship for a lifetime. Many view it as a punishment for invoking the Devil when he was in one of his...

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Concert Review Introduction My choice for this review is the Mick Fleetwood Blues Band whose lead singer is Rick Vito and the other band members who are Mick Fleetwood, Rick Vito, Lenny Castellanos, and Mark Johnstone. I attended the concert at the Belly-Up Tavern. The Belly-Up Tavern venue is located at 143 South Cedros Avenue Solana Beach CA 92075. The concert was well planned. The sound acoustics appeared to be quite representative of the albums produced by the band. It was very enjoyable to sit in the middle seats of the Belly-Up Tavern venue. Mick Fleetwood is the bandleader, who plays the drums, and a multitude of other instruments. Rick Vito is the lead singer and plays the guitar. Lenny...

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Concert I had the opportunity to attend the Winter Concert at Immanuel Baptist Church. The concert was held on 4th December 2016. It featured Christmas chorals by Norman Singers. The orchestra was made up of various people who were in charge of different instruments. Rebecca Mosloff was in charge of Violin I. Becky Green handled violin II. Donna Cain was in played the viola. The cello was played by Jean Statham while Evan Pettit played the Bass. The oboe was played by KaDee Bramlett. The trumpet was played by Tyler Chargualaf while Susan Babcock was in charge of the piano and organ. The paper will aim to provide further analysis of the concert to show the general effect that it did have upon the...