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century. Moreover, the second prediction tends to suggest that the European Community could have been without the ambiguous attenuation of the British power consequent which has ever since brought about losses of both material and human lives. This prediction, is arguably significant to Niall's conservative project, is quite breathtaking in its daring and sweep. The statement resembles two distinct vectors; a descending one, which describes the British power, and an ascending one, which illustrates the German power. Niall seems to suggest that without the war, the Germans would still hold the dominant positions they hold today, and that Britain would not be in the marsh which they have relegated...

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century and spend time giving Earnest a personal history and a believable life. The humor plays out in a satirical metaphor what the term dandy, really means in that era of English society. All versions of the story show Wilde’s masterful presentation of how these two men play a role in Victorian Society with irascible behavior for hiding from bill collectors and a pack of lies, fraught with misrepresentations. All versions were very humorous and entertaining for readers and movie watchers. Most movies watchers go for the entertainment value, and the 2002 version was infinitely more hilarious than the original version. In each version, the underlying humor prevails as the protagonists appear as...