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COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY Introduction Currently, computer technology is essential for the overcoming and development of a country. The information that is handled in it is considered an increasingly valuable asset, which can make an organization triumph or break;That is why we must keep it safe. Most companies do not know the magnitude of the problem they face, considering computer security as something secondary and paying little attention to the risks that currently exist, such as: internal threats (human errors). External threats (viruses). Developing The lack of investment in both human and economic capital very necessary to mainly prevent the damage or loss of information causes that the...

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computer technology. The article states, “There can be no universal framework for resolving moral disputes or agreement on ethical matters between members of different societies.” The statement brings a very confusing image of ethics into play, as it shows that what seems to be correct in a certain society may not necessarily be so in another. The fact that the world lacks a common set of ethics which applies to every person in the world, brings out a worrying feeling as it shows that it may be impossible to solve moral disputes between people with different moral standards. The article is very effective in discussing ethics as a topic as it gives a clear insight and can be recommended for...

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computer technology. The user can rest the technology due to fear of losing their jobs. The nurses should apparently understand that the new technologies are meant to improve the performance and reduce the workload. Conclusion In summary, the use of technology will change the nursing domain by promoting efficiency and accuracy in the sector. Nursing will change as a result of the advancement of technology. The technology will encourage data transfer which is a critical aspect of the health care services. The advances in technology have also proved to be critical in the decision-making process in the nursing sector. The practitioners and the patients can utilize the technology to enhance the...

computer technology that integrates simulators with learning experience; in this regard, the facilitators use video games that are relevant to patient care to illustrate and initiate learning (Damewood, 2016). The patients manipulate the video games with the perception of providing care for virtual clients. At the end, the nurses learn practical skills on caring for patients in ICU and other emergency rooms. The computer program provides feedback on the performance of each student, which motivates improvement and consistent practice. Additionally, the simulations enable the practicing nurses to have the confidence and experience to handle a variety of situations under minimal supervision, which...