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computer security and confidentiality are inevitable global issues of the present times. The recent technological advancements have forced the issue of privacy and safety to become multifaceted. Social media website, smart phones, smart cards, wireless sensor network applications, location tracking apps and games, online payments, etc. are in people’s daily use. Since the sensitive personal information is accessible through the public Internet, predators can exploit the slightest of negligence. So for my Ph.D. research, I would explore the global state of privacy in the current technological age. I am devoted and passionate about my profession. During the course of my career in the education...

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SP-Unit 14


computer security, an individual is in a position to remotely log in into computer ‘B' using computer ‘A' and commits the crime in country ‘D.' The criminal will then send packets to either country ‘E,' ‘F,' ‘G'; in this case, the question arises as to which country is the criminal going to be prosecuted. 3. Ethics in security Ethics are more of objectives, the social standard that are set with regards to computer use (Reynolds, 23). These ethics enables a proper functioning and use of the computer. The ethics to abide by include;- One should not use a computer to harm others-this may include sending an inappropriate message or installing a virus on one’s computer. The computer...