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computer network (Luo, 2977). The tool does not compromise the systems and data, meaning that it performs digital investigations in a remote way. Among the features that it contains are live search, recursive view, bookmarking, and tagging. Work Cited Luo, Wen-Hua. "Malware analysis method based on reverse technology." Jisuanji Yingyong/ Journal of Computer Applications 31.11 (2011):...

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M7 D1


computer network that belonged to the Target. Upon gaining access, they stole both the personal as well as the financial information that belonged to their clients. The stolen information was in the form of the card's details that the Target shop was using the period of the November 27 and December 18. The card details included the type of the card, the track data, the cards expiry date, the issuing bank, the country of origin, and the rate of usage of the card. The number of the affected clients that were affected by the attack were estimated to be over 110 million. After stealing this vital information, they went further to transfer them to another server that was found in the Eastern Europe...