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computer ethics. The article has added to my knowledge of ethics. It defines ethics as the set of principles that determine the behavior of an individual or group and differentiates ethics to law by stating that laws are more defined than ethics are. Therefore, ethics are not uniform worldwide as they depend on a person’s beliefs and a community’s moral standards (Graham, Nosek, Haidt, Iyer, Koleva, & Ditto, 2011). Through the article, I have felt the need to uphold my ethics and that of my community. The article creates an emphasis on the need for ethics that govern companies and organizations. It is agreeable that employees of a company need a firm directory as to how they are supposed to...

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computer ethics is to promote professional practice among the computing professionals. The incorporation of ethics in the computer field helps in the promotion and protection of human values. The author asserts that professional ethics is essential to computer students since it makes the professionals prudent when dealing with ethical issues concerning computer usage. Professional ethics enables a computer engineer to not only deliver quality work as an expert but also as a moral agent. Dodig-Crnkovic (2004) explicates some of the areas that make professional ethics essential to computer science students, which include identity, a vast amount of information storage, copying, privacy, among others....

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