Environmental Pollution And Climate Change

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Environmental pollution and climate change


One of the reasons for the deterioration of biodiversity is pollution, due to the ravages that cause in habitats such as the degradation of the ozone layer, the formation of acid rain, the acidification of the oceans, the eutrophication of the rivers andEven the very climate change. It is also necessary to highlight the issue of fertilizers, which despite the improvement and help in the performance and production of land, negatively affects the environment if it is supplied improperly, being some of the most common effects:The increase in microorganisms, the emission of greenhouse gases, acid rain, water eutrophization and soil infertility, with the consequent loss of biodiversity. 

Climate change

Peru is going through an expectant moment since despite the progress achieved so far in issues such as economic growth, technology, infrastructure and governance;Much of varied species run the risk of getting lost, damaging or extinguished if the right measures are not taken to improve a variable called climate change, which threatens our planet.

This is a phenomenon produced by global warming and in turn by the increase and excess of the greenhouse gases (GHG), it is one of the main current environmental problems, together with the loss of biodiversity and wear of theozone layer.

Therefore, by climate change, a series of transformations are understood in the climate of the Earth that significantly impact ecosystems, human life in a particular and general way.

On the other hand, climate change means a change of climate generated directly or indirectly to human activity since it alters the composition of the global atmosphere, in addition to the natural variety of the absorbed climate for periods of comparable time.

Consequences of the loss of biodiversity

 With the loss of biodiversity, uniformity and dependence increases a few species of plants or animals to feed us;Above all, vulnerability to pests and diseases grows due to the deterioration and fragmentation of habitats, the introduction of species, excessive exploitation of plants, animals and fish;pollution, as well as climate change, agriculture and forest repopulations with rapid growth monocultures,

The loss of the potato harvest in Ireland in 1846, that of the United States corn in 1970 or that of wheat in Russian 1972, are examples of the dangers of genetic erosion and show the need to preserve native varieties of plants,even to create new improved and pest resistant varieties. The wheat today cultivated in Canada has genes from 14 countries and the genes of the US cucumbers.UU. They come from Burma, India and Korea, acquired genes without any economic departure, unlike the improved seeds that EE.UU., Not to mention transgenic seeds. The multinationals of the United States, the European Union and Japan intend to obtain free, especially in Third World countries, genetic resources, and then sell them at usura prices the seeds, animals or medications obtained, based on “intellectual property". Genetic engineering will mean the loss of thousands of varieties of plants, when cultivated only a few with high productivity, not to mention many other dangers, aggravating the effects of the green revolution of the past decades.

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