Critical Essay On Martin Lindstrom’S Book

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Critical essay on Martin Lindstrom’s book

What the Buying Book made by Martin Lindstrom refers to that there is another way to present to consumers the brand, it is not onlyPaco Underhill "Markets want to offer us products that make us fall in love, which improve our life and generate an emotional commitment".

Likewise, to us in his study where he had people who smoked cigarettes, excess advertising, mirror neuron, subliminal advertising, rituals, prayer, sensory positioning, color, contradiction and sex in advertising in advertising.

  • Where the first did a study with 32 smokers and what the results threw was that, although the warnings were on the back or in front that what did it are to create an anxiety and that they had the need to smoking.
  • The second, they see the programs such as American Idoll and the error made by Ford give an approximate age that the consumer at 62 will have seen about 2 million commercials on average and each time people will be paying less attention toCommercial since one of the problems they mention is the bombardment of advertising because already by saturated the brain filter to which they refer has sophisticated and not we can remember, in addition, that another problem they mention is creativityand innovation of the announcements with respect to their commercials which makes our brain apathetic to most commercials and enters into oblivion.
  • The third, the merchants play with imitation, that is, in the book they mention that both adults, young people and boys have the aspiration of being someone they admire, who for the example they place: “Girls dream of beingPrincesses and that will make him want almost but all the accessories of that princess who wishYou have something that causes great satisfaction and that they work together with mirror neurons.
  • The fourth, these mention that subliminal advertising exists and that not everything is negative, that is, it goes to the forbidden, desired. In addition, companies can present these messages with the colors, their packaging, the brand and in their name as the book says.
  • The fifth, the rituals are part of our lives since they maintain a sense of being able to manipulate the future and that is where brands take advantage of our customs, beliefs and lifestyle to give us a benefit with some of our products.
  • The sixth, they do a study of the "nuns" because they want to know which part of the brain illuminated at them to pray or have a encounter with God and resulted that the brand and religion in people expresses an emotion orsimilar feeling.
  • The seventh, according to the book Grouppe Nympherberg says that 50% of people make spontaneous and unconscious purchases at the point of sale, this was called somatic markers;They are brain shortcuts for experiences not only in childhood or adolescence, but we continue in a constant update of them mention. Also, refer that both the visual part has some relevance in the purchasing power, although if they are going hand in hand with the vision, a synergy between smell and ear generates a strong stimulus is created.
  • The eighth, this conclusions about advertising for our eye is not the strongest sensory component to arouse interest, in addition, that they infer that the smell activates the same neural areas as when the view is being used and that the color is anotherIt allows them to open the desire to buy, in the same way, this mentions the touch as a factor that complements everyone else and that in a way it will be what revolutionizes the market a few years later in the future.
  • The ninth, this refers to the failure that several products have had to guide. The above said, they mention that neuromarketing will be a very reliable tool where companies can support to avoid failure and achieve success.
  • The tenth, give an explanation of sex in advertising is found everywhere from a television commercial to our day to day, in addition to these companies they placed sensual photos for both of them, they focused more on the insinuation than in the product itself itthat they called vampire effect. Apart, they also reflected that when they placed commercials or in products where a model was extremely beautiful, it alluded to women to see this this gave negative reaction that if they had done it with an common person.


Finally, having walked through all the studies that SR Martin Lindstrom we can say that the human mind could be very complex, because of its behavior it can be inaccurate and with many other mysteries to discover, although neuromarketing is a very useful tool is a very useful toolsince it will allow the success of the product, in addition, to predict certain trends that will leave a mark throughout the world.

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