Consequences Of Stress In Babies And Parents

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Consequences of stress in babies and parents


Every person has experienced stress at some point in his life. This is completely normal. In fact, this feeling not only appears in adults, but also in children, and even in babies. Therefore, we have prepared this article on stress in babies.This problem has increased in recent years. Which is not extra, since life is currently full of factors that can cause the discomfort of the little ones.

What is stress?

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines stress as: “the physiological reactions that together prepare the organism for action’.

Therefore, feeling stress is something completely natural and necessary for the survival of the human being. But it can become a very negative sensation, when stress occurs excessively. This can cause pathological diseases and anomalies that affect development.

"The best weapon against stress is the ability to choose one thought on another" – William James – factors that produce stress in babies.

Emotional problems of parents:

It is currently difficult to reconcile work and family life. It is increasingly difficult to organize. This can cause a lack of well established daily routines. Which is very negative for babies.In addition, in our society, adults are common to suffer emotional problems, such as: 

  • Stress.
  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.


In these cases, parents can transmit those negative sensations to their children, causing babies to experience stress.Exposure to a wide variety of stimuli The stimulation of children at an early age is very beneficial for their evolutionary development.  

But, if it is exposed to the baby to too many different stimuli and in a frequent way, this may harm him. Therefore, over stimulation by parents towards their child is counterproductive. In addition, we must bear in mind that, currently, from a young age, children are surrounded by multitude of external stimuli (noise, sounds, colors, lights, etc.).

The deprivation of sleep in relation to stress in babies, the fact of not sleeping well, affects:

  • Emotional and psychological well -being.
  • Physical health.Quality of life.


Thus, it can be said that, poor sleep quality has serious effects on people’s mood, being more likely to experience stress. And, this also happens to babies. Presence of an insecure attachment bond. Another factors that can promote stress in babies is the presence of an insecure attachment link. That is, the absence of a good affective and trust relationship with parents during the first years of life. In this sense, it should be noted that there are three types of insecure attachment:

  • Concerned: Reception of affection and intermittent care by their caregivers.
  • Of rejection: negligent care of care, with a continuous neglect.
  • Fearful: parenting in a negligent way and suffering situations of abuse, abuse, etc.


In all these cases, it is common for the baby to experience feelings of frustration and stress.Therefore, parents must provide their children with love and attention. So that they receive safety and protection, which prevents moments of stress.

Consequences of stress in babies

It is important to detect stress in babies and take measures as soon as possible. Since it can cause diseases and serious damage to the health of the little ones. Even in the long term.So, stress can have repercussions throughout the evolutionary development.In fact, the probability that a child has to become a depressive adult is greater if it has suffered stress during childhood. In addition, these children can also suffer from psychosomatic disorders, such as: anxiety for separation.Avoiding disorder.Excessive anxiety disorder.Posttraumatic stress.Adaptive disorder.In short, it is important to take care of the mental health of the little ones, avoiding stress and raising happy babies.

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