Consequences Of Orphand

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It is well known that the family is the basis and fundamental cell of society, because in it the human being is provided with love, protection and also begin to cement the fundamental values within the formation of those who will later be citizens with a participationactive within society.

AIDS, wars, heart disease, abandonment, childbirth deaths are just some of the reasons why 2 out of 25 children in the world suffer from orphanage, a state that has not only caused controversy, butwhich leads to greater consequences of social relevance that have turned the looks towards minors.

However, it is important to know the main consequences, which are:

a) Drying of nutrition:

Consider two faces of the currency, the children who go to homes that generally lack sufficient funds and space for guests, barely giving the necessary foods for each of the infants.

Children who are abandoned in the street, and who can obviously access nutritious foods that are indispensable for child development, in addition to during their pediatric stage lacked breastfeeding, and that an important deterioration in health, given thenutritional value contributed by breastfeeding.

b) Housing:

Returning to the previous point, many of the infants do not reach a space within household things, when according to UNICEF 1.6 million children are wandering down the street in Mexico.

The same, brings consequences not only as vulnerability to diseases, accidents, monetary, work and sexual abuses;but also entails long -term issues such as vandalism and subsequent crime.

c) Education:

The same state of orphanhood, which prohibits access0 to at least basic education, especially those that are in street situation and does not allow to pay for the expenses that the school entails. On the other hand, the lack of education brings illiteracy, the absence of values and, in addition, in the long term, the null access to an adequate level labor field.

d) Health:

The lack of a family, and the protection of an adult, prevents access to health services, or where appropriate, the adequate solvency to pay for necessary medicines, the same leads to an increase in child death.

In the health field not only encompasses physical prevention services, it also implies consequences at the psychological level that translate into traumas or resentments that are not properly attended and then transform into self-destructive or risky behaviors for those who surround the thenInfantes, now transformed into adults.

In addition to the above, a minor without the care, attention and shelter of a family, is highly exposed to take refuge in addictions such as alcohol and drugs, leading to a total dependence, to the realization of immoral or criminal acts, or in a dicecase, to a death in vulnerable and denigrating conditions.

e) Child labor:

It is evident that a minor, in use of reason, enters the labor field prematurely, this always in completely informal conditions and with high risks of suffering both labor and physical abuses, in addition to exposing themselves to exploitation risks or deceptions that lead to incometo criminal cells.

All of the above, not only affects children and adolescents in a state of orphanage, also triggers an international problem attended only by UNICEF or by the declaration of children’s law, who have led to efforts from various associations and institutions thatThey begin to look for not only the causes and consequences, but also their prevention.

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