Consequences Of Migration In Venezuela

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Consequences of migration in Venezuela

Currently in Latin America there are many people who emigrated from Venezuela and have created many colonies in the world of Venezuelans and this impacts the world in several ways.

On the other hand to other migrations this is massive and within a short term of time. Countries around Venezuela have done everything possible to help but it is very difficult since those fleeing the country are not considered refugees then it is impossible to access the emergency fund doing this a much more difficult task for everyone.

The problem is not recent since people have been leaving the country for many years and looking for a better life for their families. All those who flee are looking for opportunities for a good life.

Venezuela residents escape the lack of food in the country and lack of medical care. The greatest reason that people escape from Venezuela is that there is a lot of insecurity at the time since the economic situation is terrible since the current president, Nicolás Maduro, took presidential power in the 2013 elections . In 2014, inflation increased more than 1500% because the gross domestic product decreased 50% which has caused the country to fall into a terrible economic situation. Around 5000 Venezuelans flee every day from this crisis, so it is estimated that at the end of 2019 there are 5 million people who left the country for living under very bad conditions.

According to Portafolio (2018), he says that the crisis began since 1998 with the arrival of socialist president Hugo Chávez, since since then people began to flee for entering into economic and social situations.

Most people flee to the countries with which Venezuela shares borders:

Colombia, Brazil. Many others flee to countries such as Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Mexico and some Caribbean islands. Not many are those who have enough education to have a stable and good work and very few are those who have relatives outside the country with whom they can live and depend on them in what is work.

From the arrival of migrants to different countries, most migrants fight for a job after fleeing and in many cases thanks to little education is very difficult .In the countries that people arrive there is a great demand for work so that the salaries of many jobs fall and since Venezuelans work for any amount of money many of those who are residents of that country are left without work what it causesthat residents do not think very well about migrants. On the other hand because of this same situation, countries are forced to have more jobs and more commercial competence is created, which, in the long term, will improve the economy.

Not only Venezuelans have been guilty of stealing the work of the countries to which they migrate but they are also said to be guilty of common crime . This is said since since migrants arrived in countries such as Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile and Argentina, crime has increased a large figure. Since there are more those living in border countries are more who pay taxes therefore the State can continue to provide free services already guaranteed.

On one side of all this, the government of the border countries have done everything to help these migrants establishing different fields so that Venezuelans have where to stay in what they find where to live. One of these countries is Colombia, almost all migrants are doing this country and Colombia has offered medical help and many fields provided by UNHCR to stay . But upon receiving so many people a mass debt has been created with public hospitals in the country, the debt is estimated to be 50 million dollars.

There have been 120,000,000 vaccines for free and more than 25,000 children have been born of Venezuelan mothers and this has also been a free treatment. There are many budget problems since doing all these services freely affects the country directly, not everything comes from the country many countries have contributed to donate more than 270 million dollars, 60% of these donations have been donated by the United States American. Since the population grows spontaneously and in very large figures countries receiving migrants from Venezuela is difficult for them to adapt efficiently, therefore, this creates a great disorder, both social and economic in the countries previous.

Since many young people are those who emigrate many are looking for study and work in some way this will help the economy of different countries to the migrants in the future. The most prominent in Colombia are those Venezuelans who already had a complete education because public education in the country of immigration used to have a high contrast education to which residents received. Taking this in mind it is likely that the country has an advance. Portfolio says ‘in Argentina they say that those who have arrived are young, entrepreneurs and well qualified’. ‘About 60% of doctors who apply for work in Chile are Venezuelans’ and this shows that the country may improve.


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