Consequences Of Liver Cirrhosis In Adult Population

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Consequences of liver cirrhosis in adult population


Cirrhosis is a medical term which defines that the liver is healCirrhosis aggravates, the liver begins to fail, this disease is irreversible which means that until today there is no cure, this condition can generate fatigue and uncontrollable itching in the skin, it is possible that this does not occur until the liver is fully damaged.


The scar tissue is caused by continuous injuries or diseases, this aforementioned tissue cannot achieve the same result that the healthy liver tissue obtains, these are to produce proteins, help battle against infections, the consequences of liver cirrhosis on the health ofPatient depends primarily on the level of functionality that the liver can conserve despite the alteration of this disease, people with this anomaly can result in a reduced liver.

As the liver is getting worse, serious consequences can be generated, such as high grade diseases such as: portal hypertension (increased normal voltage of the portal vein), liver encephalopathy (deterioration of brain function), digestive hemorrhages, swelling in the lower extremities, accumulation of fluid in the abdomen, urinary tract infections, bone diseases, liver failure, and in more serious cases this disease could develop cancer.

The consequences of this disease depend on sex, the age of the person, lifestyle, the normal or excessive consumption of alcohol, amount of toxic medications ingested for a long time, among others, the different anomalies generated by this disease are increasing according toIt aggravates it, people with cirrhosis have a high degree of malnutrition, according to age it is evident that the most susceptible stage of the affected person is between 60-65 years of age with a percentage of 64% .


Cirrhosis is a disease that attacks the liver, which is one of the vital organs of the human being, as consequences of this anomaly, serious alterations can be generated at the organism level, in addition to the fact that there is more likely to develop infections and also has aHigh risk of generating cancer. Prevent excessive alcohol consumption is today one of the priorities of health centers so that serious consequences such as cirrhosis can be avoided.

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