Consequences For The Use Of Cell Phones

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Consequences for the use of cell phones


Today, the cell phone is a vital part of our lives, much of our time is found in it, without a doubt the cell phone facilitates our communication and information, so much so that from making calls, reviewing our social networks are part of thedaily living. Excessive use of this device can generate problems in our physical and mental health. It is said that a new tendency to generate new needs, so technology would bring problems, if its use is not controlled. So what should we do to avoid it?


A few years ago, physical health problems were both suspicible, as of writers, the excessive use of their hands for writing would generate problems in the joints of these. Now we are currently full of a technological horizon, it is said that much of it facilitates our lives, but to what standard of living we could settle? According to research, the usual physical use of cell phones, which we did not go out without this device, affects more areas than many of us would imagine. From the bad posture to visualize the mobile to the decrease in view.

Insomnia is visible especially in young people, which is due to the luminosity of the mobile screen to our eyes, allowing our brainThe contact of the LED lights with the retina of our eyes. Another very palpable problem is tendinitis, affected by routine gestures with the mobile either in video games or chats, our hands have to become rigid or temporary cramps that will eventually be very palpable. The bad postures to handle our cell phone create serious problems in neck and back, by bowing the head at 60 degrees, the weight of the same modifies the inclination of the column, is in the long run, part of its vertebrae would endure.

And so we could list a number of physical health consequences that implies the misuse of cell phone in our lives, which obviously have their secondary diseases, the point of this is what should we do to avoid it?, Obviously the answer seems to me that we all have it, it is to throw our cell phones in the trash, in the trash? To the mental, because each of us when he gets up, until before washing his face, checks his cell phone to see the notifications, messages, see stories, some even create their states. This way of seeing our phone as the social and computer center must change it. 

It is true that it is a tool that facilitates many things, but taking a breath, will allow your mindpeople directly in conferences, forums, art exhibitions. 


Do not allow much of your time, which is very valuable, be embodied on a mobile device. Do not allow much of your experiences to be only videos reproduced on a device, and above all do not allow feelings to be reflected with emoticons. Life is out there. It becomes aware and observes that now everything depends on the technology you should not be one more slave to it, free yourself and be part of us.

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