Concert Study Throughout History

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Concert study throughout history

Bravo trio. As a jazz concert, I went to a concert of the musical group "El Trio Bravo" at the "El Junco" bar. People between 25 and 50 years attended with an average sociocultural level. People enjoyed the show dancing and, as a general rule, they behaved in an adequate way. However, there were also exceptions since a group used a high and inappropriate voice tone.

Illustration XXIV. Entrance of ‘El Trio Bravo’. It took place, as mentioned above, at the “El Junco” bar located in the Plaza de Santa Barbara in Madrid. It is well communicated by transport, since it is about five minutes walk from the subway stop of "Alonso Martínez". The Junco has been offering music since 2004. It is a room known for its African -American music and jazz. However, it has included new styles in its programming such as Soul, Pop, Rhythm, Blues, Hip – Hop, Country Rock … Since 2017, it is one of the rooms considered cultural heritage of Madrid due to its contribution to the music of thecity. They interpreted some known songs in the world of jazz, but the concert was based mainly on various improvisations since they invented several attendees from the audience to get the stage to interpret some songs that were known.

The band "El Trio Bravo" is composed of the following artists:

Gabriel Casanova whose instrument is the Hammond organ. It is an instrument of no more than 80 years since its appearance thanks to an electric motor invented by Laurens Hammond. He studied at the Cornell Engineering School and worked on several jobs, but he was clear that he wanted to be an “independent inventor” and he did so.

At first he created an "electric flute", but it didn’t give it too much importance. However, by reflecting on his new invention he realized that he could have a great advance for musical instruments and put himself with the sketches of what we currently know as Hammond organ. It is an instrument formed by some pedals responsible for the sense of bass, by two keyboards and, on them, four sliding bar games that allow the presence of harmonics.

Javier Skunk touches the battery, which is considered a set of percussion instruments. It is formed by several parts: hype that is used with a pedal with a mace at its end. The box, which is similar to drums, but with differences, since it has a set of wires placed near the patch surface. Tom Toms is a cylindrical box with leather patches. The dishes are metal plates whose sound has great power and color. Boquetas are used to achieve sound when hitting. Finally, the pedals are controlled with their feet with the aim of controlling various battery elements.

Alberto Anaut, is the band’s voice and guitarist. The electric guitar was invented in the United States, America in the twentieth century by Leo Fender. It has numerous parts: the peg, eyebrow, peg, frets, mast tensioner, position markers, fingerboard, neck, body, pills, knobs or controls of volume and tone, bridge and protector or beating. In principle it was mainly used in rock, but quickly gained fame in jazz or blues. However, it is currently used in a large number of different musical genres such as metal or pop rock.

In conclusion, I would emphasize that jazz is a musical style that does not triumph mostly among young people but that if you pay some attention you can arouse great interest. Not only for its rhythm, but above all for its history. In addition, in the jazz concert there was a very close atmosphere between the artists and the public that generates a climate of comfort in which the show is enjoyed even more.

During the concert the audience that came behaved in an educational way since there was no noise or interruptions, although there are exceptions, since a phone rang and several people left the auditorium in the middle of the performance. It took place at the Juan March Foundation, which is a family and patrimonial institution created in 1955 by the financial Juan March with the aim of promoting culture in Spain. For two decades it was a scholarship foundation. At present, it is an operational foundation with free access programs. The Foundation organizes exhibitions and concert cycles. Its headquarters in Madrid houses a contemporary Spanish music and theater library.

They performed five pieces of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and Carl Friedrich Abel in different tempos, that is, the speed with which a musical composition is interpreted. To do this, a brief explanatory table is included about the main tempos: term slow or long meaning very slow Adagio walking walking to the step, calm moderate moderate allegretto little quickly, animated quick allegro allegro very quickly vivacious vivacious vivac.

The interpreted pieces were composed by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and Carl Friedrich Abel. Bach was born in 1714 in Weimar, Germany. He studied in philosophy and law before devoting himself to music. He was an outstanding closure and flutist in the Court of Federico II of Prussia, in addition to composer. He wrote an important essay called “Essay about the true way to touch the key” (1753 – 1762) about the technique and way of playing during the Baroque period. Abel was born in Köthen, Germany in 1723. He highlighted as a key and gamba viola and wrote symphonies, concerts and camera music (their 32 sonatas for gamba viola) highlights).

  • Sonata in Do Mayor for Viola da Gamba and under continuous H558 in Andante, Allegretto and Arious of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714 – 1788) 
  • Sonata in the largest for Viola da Gamba and Bajo A2: 53, from the Ledenburg collection in Adagio, Allegro Assai and Vivance de Carl Friedrich Abel (1723 – 1787) 
  • Rondó in Do minor for key only H 283 of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. 
  • Solos for Viola Da Gamba, of the Drexel manuscript in Prelude, Allegro, Modrate, Adagio and Tempo di Minuetto de Carl Friedrich Bach. 
  • Sonata in Re major for H559 gamba viola of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.


 As for the concert performers were the following: Paolo Pandolfo whose instrument is the Viola da Gamba. It is a very old rubbing instrument. Although it looks like the instruments of the violin family, it has another origin and presents a different structure. On a personal level, he was born in 1964 in Italy. It is widely recognized for its ability with the Viola da Gamba. His activity at concerts, has led him in different parts of the world, along with other prominent artists. Since 1992, he directs his own group. He is convinced that ancient music can be an inspiration for the future of music. Therefore, it builds bridges between the past and the present that modify the Renaissance and Baroque music through improvisation, transcription and composition of modern pieces.

Amélie Chemin who touched the baroque cello, which is a variety with some differences such as the absence of spicy and the lack of the metal rod. It should be noted that this type of cello sometimes when pieces are going to be interpreted that precisely had their origin in the Baroque. The sound effect they possess makes them much more appropriate for it. On a personal level, he was born in France in 1980. He completed his studies as a cello and camera music in Caen and Lyon. A deep fascination with Viola da Gamba and ancient music took her to courses with outstanding artists. In 2003 he moved to Basel, where he studied at the Schola Cantorum Viola da Gamba, Baroque and Violin cello with Paolo Pandolfo, Pet Skalka and Randall Cook. In 2008 he completed his studies with the diploma in Viola da Gamba. It is a member of the baroque orchestra La Cetra de Basel and co -founder of the low low il il ’set. The concerts take her to France, Spain, Germany, England, Italy, Switzerland, Ukraine and Turkey. Since September 2009, Teach Viola Da Gamba and Baroque Cello at the Rennes Conservatory (France) Andrea Bucalla in command of the key or also known as Clacecín, it is an keyboard instrument and gained ropes. Its mechanism is that, by clicking a key, small pieces of wood are lifted, which when falling again, but this time without pinzar the strings. The speed and pressure of the fingers do not affect the volume of the sound. On a personal level, he was born in Rome in 1987. He studied music in the choir of the Sistine Chapel and graduated in organ and composition of organs of the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome in Rome.

It has been organist in different basilicas of great importance such as the Basilica of San Vitale or the Basilica of Santa María de los martyres. His active concert agenda has led him to act in important festivals, exhibitions and in prestigious concert halls in Italy and abroad (Japan, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Spain, Serbia). It acts as a soloist and as a member of several orchestral and chamber music groups.

It should be noted that classical music is a musical style in which most young people are not interested. Therefore, the public who attended the concert was made up of people between 50 and 70 years old. Although, there was a young couple / marriage. The sociocultural level of the attendees is emphasible since it was medium and high. However, the concert became a bit repetitive since the same musical piece was repeatedly interpreted in different tempos.

Final comment. First, Coca Cola Music Experience is an event that requires a lot of organization. This is due to the wide variety of artists who attend since not everyone belongs to the same musical genre. These differences lead to the need for technical teams that are responsible for not only the images projected on the screens, but of the sound (speakers, microphones, amplifiers, various instruments …) In the musical genre of jazz you can highlight the creation of an environmentnice, who invites you to hang out, sing and dance. In addition, the establishment in which it took place was cozy which favors even more such atmosphere. It is also a musical genre in which numerous instruments can be combined within the same composition. As for the classical music concert, for those who enjoy more lively musical pieces, tempos such as the close -up since the interpretation of the piece by creating a more smiling atmosphere are recommended. However, people who prefer melancholic pieces will enjoy more tempos such as adage to being a slower tempo. 

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