Conceptual Approaches To Human Sexuality

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Conceptual approaches to human sexuality


Human sexuality is the response of stimuli that are influenced by biological, psychological, socio -economic causes, cultures, among others. It’s all that we can express, feel and what we think. Each person lives and feels sexuality differently, all this depends on their own needs. 

The concepts on sexuality varies greatly depending on the diverse cultures, societies and religions, and although in many places it has been possible to eliminate most of the existing taboos and implement a training in sexual matters, there are still countries in which there is a longon the way to go so that human sexuality can be considered as more than sex.


Educating people in the expression of sexuality is an arduous and pleasant, dynamic and never finished process, which contributes to the person accepting themselves in daily human coexistence, to accept and respect other human beings and to whichThe progress and changes of the times are responsibly adjusted. It is a process that systematically build and analyze attitudes, values, feelings, interests, knowledge and ways of expressing sexuality.

People have a taboo about sexuality, some people think and claim that this is only physical contact, which is only satisfying their own pleasure. However, currently doubts have been clarified about this subject, letting sexuality go beyond sexual, it is actually the way in which each individual expresses their emotions and feelings, all this makes it strengthenPersonality and love.

Based on the above, we must bear in mind that good reproductive health is important, both physical, mental, social well -being and absence of diseases and ailments in men and women.

Sexual education: a fundamental pillar in the sexuality of adolescence

Sexuality in adolescence is a stage in which the individual is constantly in danger, if it does not lead a responsible sexual life. In the case of women, such as suffering from sexually transmitted infection. Some teenagers only take refuge in looking for pleasure of the moment, conducted by different factors how;Having a low economic level only do it to obtain money and are not protected properly;By low self – esteem, people who feel feasible or who nobody wants them, seek to feel loved having sex with anyone they consider to want them, thus making incorrect decisions;For alcohol and drug use, when they are in this state they are not aware of what they are doing, and therefore they are not being responsible with their body and sexuality.

According to Kliegamn Robert M, adolescence is divided into three stages: the initial (10-13 years), medium (14-17) and the final (18-21 years) and each is characterized by a set of biological, cognitive eventsand typical social. (Esmeralda Calero, 2017, p.two)

Each stage of our adolescence is characterized by changes, these are divided at certain ages, between 10 and 13 years, they begin to see physical changes, in both sexes there is a change of voice, appearance of acne acne. In women the first menstruation begins. Of the 14 and 17 years, here the changes are psychological, the adolescent begins to wonder what he wants to do with his life and his future, begins to want to know his personal identity, in the last stage, between 18 and 21 years,They are ready to accept as they are both physical and psychological. They are sure of their identity and they propose goals in life and fight until they achieve it.

WHO in the report on health promotion in adolescents in the world, points out that what affects the health and development of adolescents can have an impact on adult health and even health of the next generation so it is necessaryPay more attention at this stage.

According to these investigations, it is of the utmost importance, bringing absolute control and responsibility of our sexuality, because, if not care, and unprotected sexual relations are maintained, you can suffer from (STIs) sexually transmitted infections, early pregnancy, pregnancy,among other effects. It is advisable to talk openly on this issue with adolescents, so that you have knowledge that, if you get to make mistakes, they will have consequences, such as diseases that will not only affect them, but also in the future when they want to form a family.

Sexuality education in the family and school context

The family is the main man, as Luisa and Santelices point out, which is here where the first care of the human being, which allow him to grow and develop in the love and understanding of the world.

Parents are the first responsible to carry out sexuality education. They have to offer their children in a framework of trust, the appropriate explanations to their age to acquire the knowledge and respect of one’s sexuality in a customization path.

Within the family group, there must be generated trust of parents, so that children can clarify their doubts without feeling that if they ask something, parents will react badly. It is important that the issues to be discussed are said and as they are, without prohibitions, since this would make the child, try to describe the reality of sexuality in a equivocal way.


There are problems when there is no father or maternal figure and the sole responsible for the child, he has to work to solve expenses and needs, causing him not to have a time or time to talk about this subject with his son, and that’s thereWhen the nuño grows disoriented and can make mistakes and therefore have consequences. Sexuality varies depending on the life stage. In past centuries it has been seen as something sexual, while, at present, it has been defined as a way in which the person feels attracted to someone, and likes his gestures, his way of speaking, of looking andto speak.

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