Conceptual Analysis Of Gender Identity In Society

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Conceptual analysis of gender identity in society


It is easy to understand the definition of concepts equality, tolerance and discrimination. Equality means condition or circumstance of having the same nature, quantity, quality, value or form. Tolerance is defined as an attitude of the person who respects the opinions, ideas or attitudes of other people although they do not coincide with their own, and discrimination in turn as a different and harmful treatment given to a person for reasons ofRace, sex, ideas, politics and religion.


As I mentioned above, it is very easy to understand the definition of these words, however to apply the meaning of these is extremely complicated, we live in a society based on stereotypes, if you do not meet a social condition, a skin color, a sexual preference,Religion, it is a reason for discrimination between your peers.

Historically, our country has been characterized by the presence of inequality, poverty, lack of opportunities for people. Discrimination affects very broad sectors of society, include women, children, older adults, indigenous people, people with disabilities, migrants, not counting people and groups that can be discriminated against for religious reasons orBy diverse sexual preferences.

But the importance of discrimination does not lie only in the extension of the phenomenon, but on its effects. The costs of discrimination are enormous, varied and are paid not only the stigmatized groups themselves, but the entire society.

As indicated by José Luis Soberanes Fernández, “on Friday, April 24, 2009, Mexico officially announced a shocking news: 20 people had died during the previous three weeks. The cause? An atypical influence case whose strain was of pig origin. A few minutes were enough for the whole world to find out about the existence of a new enemy of humanity: swine influenza." 

Who would have imagined that eleven years later we would be living another similar situation now called Covid- 19 with a discrimination not only to the people who have unfortunately acquired the virus, but to the people of the health sector who are the ones in the first line, theWe are assaulting, we are discriminated against, these moments are key, since we have taken the worst and the best of us, what example we are giving to our children, what is good to discriminate only by the fact that a person is sick?, just because of the fact that it is not in the same conditions of equality as us.


In these times is when we must return to the origin as people to have empathy, to be people who do not discriminate, that we are tolerant, life is giving us this new opportunity to change the course of humanity. We can take advantage and generate strategies for identity not only of our students, but of ourselves.

I consider that as teachers we must give an example in eradicating discrimination, the simple fact of having the favorite student or student, being compared to the other classmates, when making any comment, we must be sensitive and empathic with ourStudents, once we develop that empathy we will be able to strengthen their identity with the students, creating a committee within the school that provides multidisciplinary support, as well as receiving complaints and complaints and monitoring them.

Establish within the institutional regulation the lack of discipline by the students, recognition of expressions of discrimination and violence. Perform constant training aimed at the entire school community (teachers, administrative and support staff, students, parents).

We live in a strongly discriminatory society, which is why it is a titanic task that is not impossible to make so that we all have the same opportunities regardless of the color of our skin, our customs and beliefs, we would be living in a democracy with freedom.

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