Concept Of Feminism, Waves And Stigmas

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Concept of feminism, waves and stigmas

Feminism is a social movement that seeks gender equity, it was born in the 18It tells the woman for what they had to organize and raise ideas where the struggle for this equity arose and the first stage is created, these stages are called waves and there are several through the times.

  • The first wave as well described up after the woman has a lack of rights after the triumph of men in the French revolution and what was mainly sought was to obtain vote, in order to participate in society and powerchoose freely, it was also sought to improve women’s social conditions.
  • The second wave is given after World War II, women struggled to change their role in the family, stop being seen only as an object of reproduction and upbringing, eradicating violence over women and wanted to establish themselves in political life having theopportunity to access those positions.
  • The third wave visualizes in a very broad way the position of women regarding society and the failures that the first waves had where great advances were achieved, but the woman remained minimized and seen by men as an object of sexual desire, here the function of gender in society is studied and thought about gender diversity is incorporated.
  • The fourth wave has the initiative to raise their voice against sexual violence, ups and roughness are launched against femicide, harassment and sexual abuse in all contexts, from family, work, even in public spaces.


The concept of feminism has been misrepresented over time by several factors such as the discreditation of movement by people who are against feminism, the misinformation that is currently one of the greatest problems of society by evil by evilUse of social networks and the Internet where articles are published without having a bibliographic reference that confirms the veracity of the information that is shared and people do not seek to know if what you just read is real or not and finally all movementssocial have some counterpart where some of their members use the name and dirty the image with acts that cannot be accepted by society. This is why the term "feminazi" was born to refer to the radicality of feminism where bad members of the movement seek to minorize the rights of man, which would never seek real feminism, as we have already said what you want is the equity betweenman and woman.

In Ecuador, feminism is partially accepted by society. Ecuador as such is a country that has always grown up with a macho ideology, where women should serve the husband and must dedicate their full time to their children, losing the right to work. It seems that we were talking about an era prior to the twentieth century when referring to women themselves have sexist ideologies, but the truth is that it refers to the 21st century where we can observe that our grandmothers, mothers and many members of societyThey have behaviors in which they minimize women in some way. It is very common in our country that many of the time the woman is the one who has to serve her husband because they have taught them over time, and there are mothers who teach their children that they must marry a woman who is submissive to herorders and have no other priorities before him. Machista thought is rooted in many people, from the learning taught in their homes since they are children and when they grow they bring many of these ideologies, although there are exceptions.

Another of the problems for which feminism is not accepted is: since as the third wave of feminism has been manifested, it includes gender diversity and in the country there is no true tolerance by many people regarding sexuality they seeto feminism as an enemy of the "family" and issues as controversial as abortion are defended by this movement and a large percentage of people does not accept this practice that catalogs women as murder for the death of a child.

Feminism has emerged following the social injustice that women have lived and the indifference with which men treated this problem. Feminism always sought the liberation of oppression in which the woman lay and has defended the rights of all women in the world, but without minimizing man since she has never considered that we must build a supremacy. People should know that thanks to this movement women have the possibility to vote, we have education, we can choose whether to get married or not, whether having children or not, and our opinion is very considered in society, we can be winning awards, beingscientists, etc. All this was almost impossible before. 

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