Concept Of Citizenship And Requirements To Grant Citizenship

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Concept of citizenship and requirements to grant citizenship


In this work I will present my concept of citizenship specifically, trying to complement the above with what was said by the same Mexican Constitution. As regards the concept of citizenship, I consider that he is the person who lives and makes life in a territory and that he is the national of the nation where he develops.

Within the structure referred to by the Magna Carta refers to the following:

Article 34. They are citizens of the Republic the men and women who, having the quality of Mexicans, also meet the following requirements: i. Have turned 18, and II. Have an honest way of living (CPEUM, 2019).

We can see that, as the Constitution says before being a citizen of the Republic it is necessary to prove Mexican nationality. Therefore, we can give off that to be a national.


Of the requirements to be Mexican citizen

To prove citizens, it is necessary for the person to comply with the extremes of article 30 in relation to article 34 of the CPEUM. Therefore, if a person does not comply with the above, he could not take it because he is a citizen of the Republic. I would like to add that although numeral 34 of the Magna Carta, it establishes the age of the ageof the Judicial Branch of the Federation, issues as a form of interpretation in its jurisprudence 18/2001, the following:

Honest way of living as a requirement to be a Mexican citizen

Concept- The honest concept of living has been uniform in the evolution of societies and laws, identifying with him the constant, repeated behavior, assumed by a person within the community in which he resides, attachedand respect for the principles of well -being considered by the generality of the inhabitants of this social nucleus, in a certain place and time, as necessary elements to lead a decent, decent, reasonable and fair life. To fill this definition, an objective element is required, consisting of the set of acts and facts in which an individual intervenes;and a subjective element, consisting of the fact that these acts are consistent with the legal and moral values of the social environment in which this living citizen. As noted, this concept has an eminently ethical and social content, which serves the behavior in society, which must be ordered and peaceful, having as a support, as an unavoidable ingredient of the legal norm. The honest way of living is an express or implicit reference that is immersed in the law norm, as with the concepts of good customs, good faith, that have substantially moral connotation, constituting one of the basic postulates of theRight: Live honestly. In that order of ideas, the phrase an honest way of living refers to the appropriate behavior to make possible the civilian life of the people, for the compliance of duties that impose the condition of being Mexican;In summary, it means good Mexican, and it is a budget to enjoy the prerogatives inherent to its quality as a citizen (Electoral Court of the Judicial Power of the Federation, 2019).

So what I can comment on is that the subjective concept of "way of living" finds objective reasoning.

Cause for which citizens are lost

Within what establishes article 37 subsection c of the Magna Carta, citizens are lost due to the following causes:

Mexican citizenship is lost: I. For accepting or using noble titles of foreign governments;II. For voluntarily providing official services or functions to a foreign government, without permission from the Federal Executive;For accepting or using foreign decorations without permission from the federal executive. The President of the Republic, the senators and deputies to the Congress of the Union and the ministers of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation may freely accept and use foreign decorations;IV. For admitting the government of another country titles or functions without prior permission of the federal Executive, except for the literary, scientific or humanitarian titles that can be freely accepted;V. For helping, against the nation, a foreigner, or a foreign government, in any diplomatic claim or before an international court, and vi. In the other cases that set the laws.

From what is expressed in this content we can realize that a citizen can easily fall into the loss of citizenship.

Importance of knowing the concept of citizenship

It is important because the person requires knowing and understanding what their rights are and referred to. That is why I think it is important to know the concept of citizenship.

How can you participate in the political process of my country

It is important to say that a citizen can participate in the political life of Mexico, since the age of 18 turns. The above gives as a derivation that necessarily exerts its political rights.


It is important to say that citizenship is a very important term to understand the scope of the person. As you can see the margin of the above is achieved in the Magna Carta, who is the one that places the normative regime, to achieve the above.

What I want to comment is that citizens are very important to consolidate the person who lives in this territory.   

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