Concept And Importance Of Art Communication

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Concept and importance of art communication


In the following essay, we will talk about the importance of art communication. Art is a very funny way to interpret a statement. Past centuries or today art is a communication system in a specific sociocultural text, which has its own language. The objective of this work is to relate communication to art and since all this comes what were the most famous artists of this era as their work for centuries and centuries I leave learning, communicate aspects that society would not know if they were not thanks to them.

Art refers to any activity that a person develops, in this case it would be to communicate ideas, feelings, thoughts, on certain topics, in our essay of historical facts that passed before in our world.

The objective of this work is to publicize a different form of artistic manifestation from the media.

To initiate the development of the subject, it will begin with a brief concept on what art is and how it develops in the communication system. On many occasions there are different points of view of how art is a very simple aspect to spend time, but it is not a wonderful way to communicate emotions, feelings and learning to the public who sees them. It is not simply painting, but they are also poems, plays, songs that leave us a learning style.

The work was done ago ago, what we want to achieve is that we see how thanks to art we can see a painting of antiquity, seeing that painting as it communicates what somehow a book does not specifically reflect information such as the paint . There are many other ways to communicate things of antiquity, there is also the museum that has characters from the past centuries. To be able to understand a little more about the work you must read until the end.


Art is any form of creative expression that a human being can have, it is about expressing what a person feels through countless forms and techniques. Art is the ability of the human being to represent his feelings, emotions and perceptions about his experiences and creativity.

Throughout history, the word art has been expanding throughout the world in all its forms, before when someone talked about art, only implied some aspects of this: painting and drawing. Today this word covers much more than that. Art is a wonderful way to express or communicate feelings and emotions. There are many ways that we can communicate dare of art.

But how is art and communication relate in society?

Art is related to communication in society as soon as it observes, analyzes and builds for them some languages ​​that show it in their relevant constituent aspects incorporating in this one to do functional needs. The work of artists reflect a statement to the world. As in example, cultural information and options have transposed into artistic works. The relationship of art with communication in society, is given from the beginning of life. The environment, the environment, containers of existence provide the art of meanings, but also build tools, structures and events that are established as relevant to human groups. 

In the following topics we will talk about some examples since its inception.

According to history with the appearance of Homo Sapiens, art had a ritual, magical and religious function, and over time this is gradually changing and going through many new ways of seeing art and expressing it, so the art varies according to the time and culture. What wants to imply this, some centuries ago human beings communicated dare of drawings and works of art was their way of communicating with society. This means that art also goes hand in hand with communication. Now some of this has changed, because there are already different ways and ways to communicate.

In ancient Greece art classified into six categories: architecture, dance, music, painting and poetry or literature. In ancient Rome the arts are divided between the activities that require a manual work and those that do not. This same division applies during the Middle Ages being called mechanical arts the first and liberal arts the second. 

Visual art is the one that most influences this in expressing and communicating. Visual arts constitute another expression of art and these are nothing more than impression and illustration, communicating through graphics and images the ideas of the artist. Under this category all representations that are made about art are included.

Using creative thinking in communication not only implies resorting to different strategies, but also containing a value. Analyze the different artistic creations. 

There were some artists who, as such, agreed that you can communicate dares of art. The communicator needs to develop creative thinking in order to search, beyond the established, mechanical guidelines with which the communication strategy formulation can be resolved. Edward de Bono in his book ‘Creative Thought,” he says that this action is a skill that leads to think differently in the resolution of any situation. A novel by García Márquez, Macondo, the communicator obtains from literature the most suitable resources to formulate creative texts with which I manage to introduce any product or service. “If the sunflowers represented the favorite flower for the artist Van Gogh ‘, the communicator could take from this detail the shapes, colors, textures or the same concept within his next creations and then one of the precepts of Watzlawick would be fulfilled: being Human never stops communicating. 

  • Biotto di Bondote: He was born in 1267, he was a painter and sculptor and Italian architect of the Trecent, who was considered precursors of the evolution of the Renaissance breaking the medieval concepts of the Middle Ages and the Byzantine art. He was the initiator of three -dimensional space in European painting.
  • Gjan Van Eyck: He was born in 1395, he was a flamenco painter of the late Gothic, an outstanding figure in the transition of international Gothic to school, known as the father of oil painting thanks to his development of the very realistic and full technique detail and founder of the western portrait.
  • Harímus Bosch, El Bosco: He was born in 1450, he was a flamenco painter with a very personal and different style, his most outstanding work was the Garden of Delicias.
  • Leonardo da Vinci: He was born in 1452, he was a painter, sculptor, cartoonist, architect, engineer, philosopher, inventor … genius of multiple talents, visionary and architect of the Renaissance man. Famous for his paintings and mural paintings. His key work was the last dinner.

There are many other actors and paintings that could be mentioned, but what you want to imply is that thanks to their works of art, poems, paintings and dances among other things, they communicate to the whole society very valuable and important information and Dare of art. Of historical facts that are real and occurred.


My opinion on this topic, it is very interesting, it seems to me an incredible way to communicate or transmit some type of learning.

It was to learn about works of art that left a very well elaborated learning until today. The wonderful thing is that not everything has to do with school, but also about cultures and religions. Personally, I am very attention to the creation of Leonardo Da Vinci about his painting of the Last Supper, because it is something very old, but in spite of that you can reflect and throw your imagination to walk.

You think to analyze if all the characters in that photo were really like that, when you listen or read it, try to imagine and imagine how it would be, but seeing the painting in my opinion everything would be clearer. Complementary a lot to writing.

Communication, in a general sense, is any behavior that carries a message and is perceived by another person. Man does not live isolated, but in community. Therefore, he has the need to communicate with others and therefore, he uses all expressive manifestations and elements that are the words, colors, sounds, shapes and movements within space and dare. Because this way the different artistic activities arose.

In music the human being is expressed by sounds. In architecture he does it for the volumes. In the sculpture the forms are expressed. The oral and written language acquires its maximum expression in literature. The painting is expressed through composition and colors. In dance and the theater the movement is fundamental. In the latter is also the word. In the cinema the message is expressed through sound, shapes, colors and movement.


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