Computer Piracy And How To Prevent It

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Computer piracy and how to prevent it


The Internet and intelligent devices, without a doubt, have changed, for good, the way of communicating, working and doing business, among other tasks. However, they have also brought some unfortunate consequences, such as computer piracy, which we will talk about in this article. It is a crime that directly affects manufacturing companies, but has implications for all. Who carries out this practice is known as computer pirate.

Today, it is so common to get on the Internet, in addition to software, books, music, movies and others, unfortunately pirated. It also affects, in various ways, the common citizen. For example, the theft of confidential information, bank data or other.


Computer piracy began at the beginning of 1960 when a group of elite students began to manipulate the codes of the first computers. They did this to achieve a different result and as a form of entertainment or social protest. The term piracy was created by the British Copyright industry in the seventeenth century, to refer to the copy of works without the consent of the head of copyright or, failing that, without legal authorization.

Today, computer piracy breaks the safety of certain programs, most of the time popular and necessary, such as Photoshop or Windows. The intention is to eliminate or block any code that prevents its free use, and then distribute these programs in the networks, with the signing of a group, free of charge. This practice leads to an excessive software offer.

But what is computer piracy?  It is a form of crime that contemplates the discharge or handling of property without the express consent of the authors or owners. While it has tried to be regulated in various countries, it continues to be a problem that seem to not be able to stop. In this sense, computer piracy violates people’s privacy, sometimes, in a much more overwhelming and common way of what is believed. This occurs, mainly because the Internet is so wide and powerful, that those who seek to look.

The most lucrative is the fact that many people buy these programs for being sold at a much lower price, that is, very important monetary interests move. And without stopping to think that, when acquiring them, they contribute to damaging the work and effort of their intellectual authors. Know below that it is a computer pirate.

What is a computer pirate?

It is a subject that, for economic, political or social reasons, violates the law, breaking the safety of certain technological content in order to distribute them for free, or not, without the corresponding use license.

Its objective is to distribute the software, however, also break security and distributes other types of content, such as video games, movies and music. Unfortunately, this individual is seen by many people as liberty fighters, since it falsely supplies protected materials on various platforms, protecting themselves in criteria that have no legal basis, or moral.

Types of piracy

There are several modalities, but in this article we will tell you about: the piracy of end user, revenuer, through the Internet, software, cybernetics and others.

  • End user piracy

It is when a single license copy of a software is installed on different computers or when a cracking version of said software is used.

Many people are guilty, without knowing it, of end user piracy. Some examples of this type:

  1. A company employees are making software copies without buying new licenses.
  2. The use of a licensed copy that is then installed in many equipment or servers
  3. Copy of discs for installation and distribution
  4. Acquisition of restricted software to use it with a different purpose


  • Of revenuer

It occurs when copies of unique software to different clients are distributed;mainly with preloaded operating and software systems in new computers. That is, who practices piracy, sells falsified software versions, imitating original software packaging and documents.

  • Software forgery

Computer pirates duplicate illegally and deliberately, and sell, material with copyright, making their customers believe that they are buying an authentic product. In addition, they market and sell false copies of the software, along with imitations of the packaging, manuals, license, labels, and security measures. This software does not enjoy assistance, training or updates and may not work properly.

  • From Internet

Users are made available to users an electronic software transfer with copyright on the Internet so that others can copy them and use them without the corresponding license, which violates the copyright of the software.

  • Cybernetics

It is the discharge or illicit distribution on the Internet of unauthorized copies of works: movies, musical compositions, video games and computer programs.

Other types of piracy: In order to illegally obtain a registered copy of software, the pirate buys a single copy and uses it on several computers.

Consequences of piracy

When software is pirated, consumers, creators and vendors are harmed., because among other things:

  • Increases the risk that the software damages the equipment.
  • The illegal use of software increases malware cases, severely affecting security and privacy.
  • The pirated software has inappropriate documentation, therefore, it also does not have technical support.
  • Consumers do not have the possibility of receiving updated versions of the Pirateado program.
  • The pirated software, far from being free, can cost a lot of time and money to its users.
  • Software developers lose their benefits because of piracy, both current products and future programs.


Android users must be alert, for cybercriminals it is very easy to inject malicious code in Android application packages. This happens because these codes do not have the same exam that is done to the apps of the official store, so there is a greater probability that it is manipulated or infected. A file .Cracked and free APK of an application that would be downloaded as a payment application from Google Play, it is likely to be manipulated, which increases the possibility that your mobile suffers a computer attack.

RISKS Use pirate programs in your company

The use of pirate software is risks to your company. The first is the complaint, since you are violating the rights of the intellectual property of the company that created the program. These programs require record and if you use key that have already been used, you could, without knowing how to be sending a message to the owners. This type of programs, whose origin is not the manufacturer itself, can include viruses, Trojans or spy software that can affect your business safety.

Anyone who enters your company and discovers that you work with pirate programs will distrust yourself and run the risk of losing their ISO quality certification. Nor can you update it with the latest modifications because that would force you to register the program and the software will become obsolete, affecting security improvements.

To avoid all of them, you must prevent employees from installing software on work computers, as well as access to their network of computers that are not registered. And if you still have doubts, you can perform complete software audits, to see exactly who executes what and if you have a license to do it.

Tips for preventing computer piracy

Your personal information is valuable. That is why computer pirates try to steal it. Follow these tips and provide this crime greatly:

  • Use safe passwords, which have at least one length of 8 characters and combine alphanumeric characters.
  • Avoid using the same password in all your online services. Change them every so often.
  • Always have the antivirus updated and do not deactivate it during your Internet navigation.
  • Whenever you pay by credit card, make sure you are on a reliable page. Verify that the payment page has an address that starts by HTTPS.
  • Do not answer suspicious emails or proportions personal data to strangers.
  • Protect your phone. Set it automatically block and create an access code to unlock it.
  • Make back your phone and PC copies regularly.



If you discover that you use pirate software, you are violating the intellectual property rights of the company that created the program. The BSA The Alliance BSA organization, dedicated to promoting a safe and legitimate digital world, has made available to everyone a web page in which the use of illegal software in a company can be denounced anonymously.

For many people and companies a program can initially mean cost savings, but in reality what it implies is a great risk. Not only for the big risks of violating intellectual property and copyright, but for criminal sentences for society administrators. 

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