Computer Management Processes Of A Company

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Computer Management Processes of a company


Currently no company can work without computer science, is that, through it, its use transforms the administration of resources into a simple and easy execution to the degree of fully automating them.

Due to the enormous changes suffered by the market in recent years with the incorporation of computer technologies;In a company, one of the most benefited from computerization departments is the administration, because, a lot of information and important data is handled that must be operated manually, this was applied to facilitate the most tedious, routine and repetitive tasks to the operatorsIn administrative activity, on the other hand, there are now multiple computer systems that provide a way to do the most precise, efficient and rapid operations, in order to offer improvements in management decision making, since, they automate the operational processes, they supplyan information platform necessary for decision -making and, most importantly, its implementation achieves competitive advantages or reduce the advantage of rivals.

Information technologies have been conceptualized such as the integration and convergence of computing, telecommunications and the technique for data processing, where its main components are: the human factor, the contents of the information, the equipment, the infrastructure,Software and information exchange mechanisms, policy elements and regulations, in addition to financial resources. At present, all companies require the implementation of an information system that collaborates with business management processes.

For this, an effective system is necessary that offers multiple possibilities, allowing access to relevant data frequently and timely. Therefore, those who wish to convert their entrepreneurship into a true competitive company inserted in the current market, must analyze in detail the necessary implementation of information systems.


Computer Management Processes of a company


It is the execution of various instructions through the microprocessor, according to what the program indicates, that is, it is the one that is composed of a set of steps (orders) that must be in execution.

Stages of the elaboration of computer processes

Computer processes are made in four stages:

  • System start

This stage of the process begins since we press the computer button until we enter the operating system, the computer performs multiple tasks to verify the operation of the installed hardware. The initial stage of this process is called Post (Power On Self Test) the same that consists of a test to verify that the physical team is in good condition.

  • Execution of a process

Also known as a system and English call (System Call) is nothing more than the mechanisms used in the application to implement the operating system within a company, some of the most used system calls are :: Open, Read, Write, Write,Close, Wait.

  • Users request to create processes

It consists of a user (only during the execution of the program) will have the privileges of the owner of an executable file, that is, as if the user who is running the program was the owner of the file.

  • Start of batch work

Batch or lot processing is the process by which a complete computer lots, often simultaneously, in sequential order and without stopping. It is also a command that guarantees that large works are calculated in small parts, to improve efficiency during the purification process.

Main objective of computer processes within management within a company.

Know and identify the computer processes that the operating system within a company executes by default, identifying the tools as a means of avoiding the unnecessary use of the processor and memory to obtain the optimal and safe performance of the computer and the computer elements within theadministrative part within a company.

Characteristics to consider of computer processes.

  • Amount of entry into the outputs, there are processes that carry out a large amount of input and output operations for example database applications.
  • The process crosses one or several functional organizational limits, that is, they are able to cross vertically and horizontally.
  • The process has to be easily understood.
  • The name assigned to each process must be suggestive of the concepts and activities included in the same.

Computer process states is administrative management of a company.

A computer process can cross different states: execution, blocked and voila.

  • Execution: This is the name of the state in which the microprocessor is being used.
  • Blocked: Receive this name when its execution requires that another event be held.
  • Ready: this occurs when it releases the microprocessor so that it can devote to another process.

Function of computer systems

Computer systems within a company must be:

  • Flexible: an adequate information system must be malleable and offer a large number of options for the administration and evaluation of the data.
  • Specific: The system must be able to adapt to each situation and sector of the company.
  • Updateable: The system should not only face changes in businesses arising from the market demands, but also to offer the possibility of changes as the personnel are trained.
  • Powerful: you must provide the appropriate tools to carry out analytical evaluations of the opportunities and possible results of them in the practice of future businesses.

Information systems in the company

An information system per small that is requires minimal automation processes.

We also point out that the different computer applications that work separately prevent the adaptation of an information system so that for the information system to exist, the design of an integrated system that relates the information by the various functional applications of the company andthus improve your processes.

For this application to the business field, you can orient any type of organization, includes the following types:

  • Management Information Systems (GIS) or Management Information Systems (MI)
  • Systems support for decision (SSD), or Decision Support Systems (DSS)
  • Information Systems for Executives (SIE), or Executive Information Systems (EIS)

Management Information Systems (MI)

They are sets of tools that combine information technologies (hardware + software) to allow information to the managers of a company.

These systems are composed of three functions:

  • Data collection, both internal and external.
  • Information storage and processing.
  • The transmission of information to managers.

Decision Support System (SSD)

It is an interactive information system that is based on computer that use decision -making standards and models, which together with a database supports all phases of the process mainly in the semi -structured decisions under the total control of those who are dedicated to taking them.

There are those characteristics that allow differentiating a DSS in case it is not, like this:

  • The support is carried out at various levels of the management equipment, from the senior executives to the base managers.
  • They support several levels of interdependent or sequential decisions and a variety of decision -making processes and styles.
  • And they are easy to use.


The EIS have been confused in their origins with the DSS, however, it is not possible to technically differentiate that a DSS assume structured decisions, that is, clearly formalized problems;while the EIS assume that category of decisions described as non -programmable or intuitive.

The EIS’s are oriented to senior management where it occurs when companies of the companies require data to make decisions;Provides electronic information to managers with rapid access and is part of the key areas of the company, which help the realization of management activities and thus achieve the company’s objectives. (Cañavate., 2003)

The characteristics of an EIS
  • on systems used by the senior executives of the company
  • Is used by executives to control the work of other executives
  • Its main use is informative
  • It is concentrated in the general management of the organization and for this use internal and external information.
  • Historical information to make predictions, and all types of numerical and textual data.

Importance of computer science for business administration

The use of computer science transforms the administration of resources into a simple and practical task in automated degree execution.

Computer science for administration constitutes a tool of great importance for carrying out their daily activities, since it can create a useful database and capable of being read to any language, that is, that it is read both a manager, aadministrator, managers or any operational command to project to the future and correct the anomalies of the present.

The key to the computer science within the administration is to find a database that everyone can access without difficulties, capable of being nourished by all the members of the organization, which can translate the data into a functional language, that is, that allThey can understand, whether different scientific languages or languages having in itself the ability to decode and translate information. That a computerized self-control system are itself.

In recent years, computers have drastically changed business practices, therefore, computers are currently used in three basic areas of the administration:

  1. Transaction management applications: Refers to the registration of an event that the administrator must respond.
  2. Personal productivity application: they focus on improving people’s productivity.
  3. Computer in working groups: It is an area of business applications that combines personal productivity elements with transaction applications.

Advantages of computer science in administration

  • The work can be simplified
  • You can access, revolutionize slow processes
  • The administrator does not have to depend on another to do his job but that with the help of computer science he can do it in itself
  • Through computer science, the data can be consulted and used by any area of the company that is interested in consulting the database.
  • Administration programs are designed thinking that it can be handled by anyone
  • It is an excellent means to do things simpler. (Téllez, S.F.)


Today, computer science plays an important role for business design in companies since they represent a fundamental work tool for the efficient achievement of its purposes. At the end of this work I have managed to understand how important it is to have a computer center, because making decisions in a timely, safe and economic way guaranteeing the highest benefits to users of production systems in order to have a healthy business continuity.

Information systems are one of the key strategic aspects for the good work of the company when planning, developing and implanting the computer processes that helps us to have a broader and more clear vision of the future of the organization, due towhich facilitates it is creative and efficient use of resources available within the company

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