Comprehensive Command Box: Critical Essay

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Comprehensive command box: Critical essay

Today, there is a growing dependence on intangible assets as important determinants of the value of a company. This document focused on the influence of human capital as an intangible asset in the performance of the Autobahn Enterprise organization. As such, the concept of human capital management and the impact of the comprehensive command picture and the effect of both on the company’s performance are explored. The model was developed to include indicators that allow the organization to align the mentality and culture of the workforce, skills, skills and knowledge, with it success of the results and fulfillment of business objectives. 

By using balanced measures at the organizational level and sharing the results with supervisors, equipment and employees, managers are providing the necessary information to align employee performance plans with organizational objectives. At the same time, when balancing the measures used in employee performance plans, the performance image is completed. The main advantage of the method is to guide managers and departments, human resources, and technological resources towards the organization’s strategy.

In the past, an organization was expected to provide a product or service so that the transaction is considered efficiently, in other words the client was more or less at the mercy of the organization. Today that is changing dramatically since customers have a much wider range of organizations, products and services to choose from, and can access these instantly with numerous sources of opinions or useful comments about the product/service.

Therefore, it is more important than ever that the company is efficient to attract, satisfy and retain customers. Customer service has gone from being merely transactional to being highly relational and vital for the company’s prosperity. For this reason, senior management must make a proactive approach from a solid customer service management plan. For this, it is not only crucial to listen and register the needs and desires of customers, but also listen to staff members of the different areas of the organization. The feedback of these two parties will ensure a continuous improvement service to offer the best possible quality possible.

 Excellent customer service is linked to customer loyalty, so it is important to improve it even more constantly. 

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