Comprehension Of The Message And Methods

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Comprehension of the message and methods


Through the use of didactic methods, audiovisual media transmit ideas or sensations, in order to connect emotionally with spectators. However, these instruction techniques to transmit a message must be structured to the perception capacity of the receiver. Likewise, there is a series of steps that will guarantee the persistence of a message after its broadcast. Since it is not only sought to cause an initial impact, but also that the purpose with which the utensament was created is met.


After establishing what will be the fundamental purpose of what you want to convey to the public, an orientation should be done clearly to educate or teach who will receive the message. Also, this guide must influence the behavior and way of feeling or thinking, whether the message is addressed to an individual or the community. In other words, the message is going to spread with the intention of creating a pre -established link between the issuer and the receiver.

Similarly, the semantic elements of the content of an audiovisual medium must include ideology loads, which will determine the purpose and its ideals. Therefore, the main intention is to specify the content and its structuring, where the didactic resources, the form of presentation and the style with which the message will be transmitted, as well as the technology platform that will be used to spread to disseminatethe material.

Mix the visual with the auditory requires certain aspects, to get the message to be transmitted, and the receiver does not feel stunned with the content, but rather that he becomes familiar with the subject immediately, in that sense, theaudiovisual messages are based on the use of a symbols system, whether textual, icon, or sound.

Human beings tend to express certain behaviors learned, for example, let ourselves be carried away by the aesthetic, that is, we familiarize ourselves faster with what seems to us "beautiful". For this reason, audiovisual media use harmony and beauty, for the creation of their messages, making proper use of the lighting, color and distribution of objects within the content of their messages, all this to ensure that the idea they want to convey does notbe questioned, not matching the patterns of perfection and charm of the public to which it is directed.

It should be noted that the media provide us with a recreation of reality, and not reality as such. Consequently, a successful communicative instrument should be sought, such as the morphological elements of grammar and stylistic and/or linguistic resources, this will influence the receiver to associate the utensils to the needs he has.

With the passage of time the technological advance is greater, and its influence on society, which has contributed that the use of audiovisual media occupy a significant place when transmitting a specific message or content. If we adapt this criterion to the situation we currently live, we do not realize how the audiovisual media have taken the prominence in this time of pandemic.


In conclusion, to achieve the compression of a message transmitted by an audiovisual medium, the link that must be created between the content of the message and the receiver will influence, than the technology to be used for the dissemination of said message. Due to its educational didactic characteristic, the audiovisual methodology is used, to help memorize and associate content, which will facilitate greater learning in less time, as well as the stimulation and development of the creativity of the receiver.  

The messages that are transmitted through the media are destined to promote a teaching, which means that they must meet certain aspects, whether morphological, syntactic, semantic and aesthetic, with the sole objective of awakening, and attracting theAttention from the public to which it is directed. Likewise, the content of your message must be objective and concrete, and of course as close as possible to reality.

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