Comparison Of The Missile Crisis And The Votnamon War, Tet Offensive

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Comparison of the missile crisis and the Votnamon War, TET offensive

Stage of the missile crisis and the Vietnam War was included in the Cold War, a period that goes since the years of 1945-1991, in effect the great powers such as the United States and the Soviet Union were involved, between the two there were neverA direct confrontation, instead they had clashes at various local points and had nuclear weapons. Therefore, the causes and consequences that caused despite the difference of years.

The missile crisis was named for the conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union, where they were about to explode a nuclear war because of Cuba. In 1959, after the decline in Fulgencio BatistNationalist, then took measures, which the United States was unable.

President John F. Kennedy belonging to the Democratic Party, accepted a plan that was against Castro, carried out by the CIA, which consisted of a landing action in Bay of Cochinos on April 17, 1961 and the anti -Castro troops had armament that the government had provided themof the United States, but this failed to be defeated by the forces of the Cuban regime. In 1962 after the pressure that the United States imposed on the Organization of American States (OAS) they expelled Cuba from this body, which Castro made its total proclamation of confrontation to US imperialism.

On the other hand, the Soviet leader Kruschev when seeing this situation took the opportunity to strengthen the Soviet block in a position in Latin America, this region was assured by the United States as an area of priority. During the year of 1962, between July and August some Soviet ships that moved machinery, food and conventional weapons, had the nuclear armaments that especially their destiny was Cuba, as the Americans maintained surveillance on that island, it was disturbing to see this in their surroundings,So in October they continued to discover that on the island they had placed Soviet atomic missiles, having sufficient evidence Kennedy ordered to formalize a naval block and warned to react to any direct attack that happened at that time at that time. As every time the tension was increasing, the chances of unleashing a nuclear war was imminent, the UN does an intervention, but this was already getting out of control. Regarding this Kennedy and Kruschev had conversations with appropriate language, so that the armies were mobilized and reach an agreement before causing a disaster in the world.

On the other hand, the Vietnam War was made between 1964-1975, also called the Second Indochina War where Vietnam of the South participated that had the support of the United States and Northern Vietnam supported especially by the Soviet Union. In early 1964, Lyndon B. Johnson, who was the president of the United States sent a bombing to Northern Vietnam. Therefore, in August, of the same year, the Vietnamese forces begin to attack the US ships belonging to the Gulf of Tonkín, this produces that Johnson sends to bombard the naval forces and pipelines to Northern Vietnam, to be protected before any attack orGet future aggressions. Although an officially declared war, the United States had begun to develop its military potential, in a larger way than the Indochina Peninsula, for this reason the National Liberation Front (FNL) began to have military and diplomatic support for Vietnam of the Vietnam of the VietnamNorth. During the 1967-1968 there was a campaign that triggered the Tet’s offensive, this referred to the New Year’s New Year of Vietnamese, in which they made a series of attacks on urban objectives, but this goal does not prosperSo they had to withdraw the Vietcong troops and vacate the parts they had occupied.

The United States when taking a war position, being counterproductive by wanting to put a stimulation of nationalist resistance by Vietnamese, originating in their own American society, the rejection of making government intervention in Indochina. After the pressure of public opinion, he concluded that the Vietnam War was not able to win it. So for March 31, he sent to stop the bombings on Northern Vietnam, therefore the conversations in Paris began on peace with those involved in this conflict that were South Vietnam, North Vietnam, the United States and theNational Vietcong Liberation Front, although these results were negative. With the arrival of Richard M. Nixon to the United States in 1968, sought ways to resolve this international conflict through Vietnamizar that it was based that the Survietnamese faced communism and thus withdraw US troops, but this plan also failed. For the year of 1973, agreements were signed where the United States withdrawal from Vietnam, the Vietnam territories, the victory of the FNL after two years of war and ultimately the United States was defeated.

In conclusion, these two conflicts left the story marked because they belong to the period of the Cold War. In the missile crisis, a nuclear war could have been unleashed for the first time, where it would have been the most serious conflict, but fortunately it was a stage of great tension, but still this was helpful for the powers to approachIn addition, the fear that had caused an agreement on October 28, 1962, Kruschev gave the order that Soviet ships change direction, also withdrawing the missiles from Cuba, then the United States promised not to attack the island ofCuba, also Kennedy ordered that the blockade be removed and that is how the missile crisis ends.

On the other hand, the Vietnam War, which lasted many years, is left serious consequences in the town, because most were involved, in addition, the United States, Napalm used as a chemical weapon where it mutilated and killed many civilians, also usedThe orange agent, this came to devastate the environment, harmed physical health either by Americans and Vietnamese. This war being a defeat for the United States, made the people lose confidence in their government system by feeling deceived, getting discrediting because their presence was useless in war. On the other hand, the soldiers who returned to Vietnam, were not received with honors, despite being morally injured, just let the population begin to suffer from all the damage caused in combat and it was difficult for them to adapt to afamily life.

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