Comparative History Of Modern Music, Painting And Poetry

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Comparative history of modern music, painting and poetry


Modernity begins as a criticism of religion, philosophy, morals, law, history, economy and politics. Criticism is your distinctive feature, your birth signal. Everything that has been the modern age has been the work of criticism, understood as a method of research, creation and action.

Reason is imposed as a transcendental norm to society, that is, reason is above religion. This is when the search for the explanation of the universe through science begins, moving from theocentrism, where God was considered the center of reality and of all thought, to anthropocentrism, where the human being is considered as the center of all thingsand the absolute end of creation. On the other hand, subjectivity is modern thought. Individual reflection enables criticism, through the structure of self-realization. 

This era brought new elements such as the emergence of social classes and systems for the evolution of the economy. These processes were initially in Europe in the fifteenth century marking the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance. Feudalism was left behind, leaving aside the workforce of the vassals to serve the lords. The industrial revolution arrives as a new system, where the machines would begin to facilitate the tasks of man even if this was not completely like that, since the proletariat was the exploited class that contributed the workforce and the bourgeoisie, the coordinator and owner ofThe means of production. It also adds urban development, where cities become production centers and also, the places of greater consumption of goods and services.


In summary, the most representative features of modernism were, first of all industrialization, where the main objective was to increase productivity and economy. Secondly, the spirit of innovation and creation capacity, which sought updates through technology and science, leaving aside the traditions of the past. Thirdly, scientific knowledge, leaving aside religious myths emerged the new basis of knowledge and science that used experimentation and reason. Modernity is characterized by the desire for a breakdown of the traditional and also by the attraction of the new, innovations, ruptures and discoveries.

Artistic movements arise from the search for expression of feelings in the face of certain social, political and economic aspects of a particular time. Likewise, the change of time and needs of human beings are given differently through music, painting or literature.

Vanguardism is considered a more radical revolution that happened in art and literature in its history. There were around 1914 at the beginning of World War I. It is the starting point of the emergence of several artistic schools that expressed the fall of bourgeois order and classicism. Among the related artistic movements, there is impressionism where the release of the expressive power of color, expressionism as an attempt to reconstruct reality, more dramatic and less aesthetic than impressionism is pronounced. Also, surrealism in which the imaginary will find other modes of expression.

The themes of avant -garde literature could be synthesized in attempt to melt art and life, search for materiality, antimimetism, humorism, surprise, novelty and antitradictionalism. In summary, avant -garde the issue in common is freedom of expression and aesthetic innovation, seeking rupture with the metric, modification of the structure, and asymmetry in the form of expression, image and writing.

Romanticism is a literary movement that developed between 1880-1910 originated as a reaction against rationalism giving importance to a feeling and claims ethical, religious and national values. Its fundamental characteristic is the break with the classicist tradition based on a set of stereotyped rules. Defends freedom over all things, both emotionally, socially, politically and.

During this time, genres such as the article of customs, biography, legend, historical, gothic and adventure novels and leaflet or deliveries were appeared. Genres such as poetry and theater also had particular preeminence. So, romanticism covers the issues of exaltation of self, individualism and subjectivism in art. The hero is considered rebellious, idealistic, nonconformist and dreamer. Melancholy is considered an inner break and disappointment is the reflection of an unfair and fleeting life. Evasion is the way of escape from that life of disappointment. Nature is an organic and living whole, so it is represented as forests, landscapes and raging mountains. Freedom and originality are based on not following the laws of classical metric and therefore not to make imitations of literature.

Both movements have already been described, they can be related in several aspects, such as worshiping the novelty and surprise. Vanguard artists restore expressive resources and modify the formal structure of poems. His instrument is the word and fantasy imitated. Romoncist authors had creative and fantasy ideas and made a sernical renewal of language.

Returning to the issue of modernity, it is a period that results from the process of historical evolution that is carried out through several centuries starting central Europe and extending towards a global context. All transformations were given to the greats to technological advances after the industrial revolution and the stories of during the world wars. These changes created forms of expression among the different artists of the different times. In turn, they have particular characteristics and it is for this reason that as there is a change of time, new ideas of expression are emerging looking for creativity to leave the classic behind. Although each of the cultures of different regions and countries have customs that characterize them.


In conclusion, modernity is the process in which the human being himself changed his vision of the world and of himself to forge the reality we have now. Each of the artistic movements has contributed significantly to this change. Therefore it is a process that needs update permanently, since it results in the creation of individualities and is able to allow the facts and objects to be made of universal knowledge and appropriation.

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