Comparative Analysis: Pascual Duarte’S Family

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Comparative analysis: Pascual Duarte’s family

Pascual Duarte, is a book that basically recounts in 19 chapters and letters directed towards Mr. Don Joaquín Barrera López, the moments of Pascual’s life and decides to share them. From the birth of his sister Rosario, to the tragic death of his mother. He tells his secrets through this letter which seems to be written in 1937. 

In this story there are family matters, tradition, heartbreak, death, deception, a little prostitution and unplanned pregnancies. The central theme of the time of this story is tremendism which is characterized more than anything by exaggerating the most cruel and raw aspects of reality, but its main subject was the hate that Pascual felt towards his mother.

This novel by Camilo José Cela analyzes several important points within it, one of them are the characters. Where women reflected cruelty towards feelings and thinking about both Pascual and his father. You can clearly see that their parents never got along, so their relationship was never loving in any aspect. His mother did not know how to read or write and because of that, Esteban was always responsible for making her feel less due to her ignorance. His father mistreated them and his mother was an alcoholic who didn’t like to bathe. 

On the other hand there was sister Rosario, whom she liked to live life to the fullest, left at any time of the day and even saw her with men, of which one became pregnant and she cheated her. However, she was her father’s spoiled since she was born. If she was at home, there were no problems. Another of the characters that were Mario, who was the brother of the Duarte, but died before he turned 10, but was born out of marriage. 

Another essential character of the novel is Lola, who became a Pascual’s girlfriend and lived a love with disappointment, had two children, but they died, one was an abortion and the other was because he died at the age of 11 because of respiratory diseasesLike the muffin. 

Estirao is a character who lived at the expense of women taking advantage of his good physical presence Pascual hated him deeply. Apart from being a rosary husband, he gets with Lola when Pascual leaves for two years and pregnant.

Finally, Esperanza, a well -endowed girl with virtues and talents who is a friend of Rosario always lived in love with Pascual in secret at the same time she is a nephew of Engracia, the midwife of the town where they lived. From getting married after leaving the prison everything changes. Pascual was very excited to be another woman because in addition to Lola deceives him, the stretch the murderer. That is why Pascual mentions that a woman as hope would not fall badly: ‘The bride that the rosary had me prepared, in truth that she was beautiful woman … she was very religious and as given to mystique’.

The facts that are counted in the novel cover since the end of the 19th century in which the protagonist was born until 1940 or 1942 when they condemn him to the death penalty. We know this because the letters that are shown both at the beginning and at the end of the book are dated at the beginning of 1942 when Pascual Duarte has already died, and it does not seem that much time has passed, because in the final grade of the transcriptor it is saidThat he was in jail until 35 or 36 and it is in those years, ‘during the fifteen days of revolution that passed over his people’ (Cela, 1942) that they would surely be those of the beginning of the civil war, when he commits the murderFrom Mr. González de la Riva.

Finally, the style is rescued because it is an autobiographical novel and therefore is narrated in the first person by the protagonist. Although at the beginning and end of this autobiography there are ‘transcriptor notes’ in which the character of Pascual Duarte is spoken in the character. It is observed that there is also a big difference of style between both parties, since the notes are written with correction and in a cult language, while the narration of Pascual’s life is written with a much simpler and more vulgar language, as corresponds toA character like Pascual Duarte, who belongs to a poor and miserable social class and barely has culture or truncated education. 

To conclude, it could be said that it is a novel that transcends many facts. He consecutively does well what Pascual Duarte had to go through. From her childhood lasts to the degree of hating her mother, killing her and finishing the rest of her days in jail, writing. It is an interesting, sad and funeral book, there was almost always someone who had to die. One of the phrases that most attracts attention and with which this analysis would be closed is: ‘’… we are growing, destiny is pleased to vary as if we were wax and in allocating different paths to the same purpose: death ’’ ’’ ’.

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