Company, Its Environment And Its Relations With Production

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Company, its environment and its relations with production

Companies are entities of utmost importance in social and economic life in them people and resources participate as the main objective.

The context for business in Ecuador is increasing All these conditions in the country are really enviable make Ecuador apt to form any type of company.

However, the two types of companies most used in Ecuador are the corporation.A and the company CIA.LTDA. Companies in Ecuador the large part of them are dedicated to the commercial sector with a percentage of 51.16, while manufacturing companies with 13.87% and the rest to other economic activities with 34.97%

The companies with the greatest production are manufacturing, they also make the largest added value contribution while the financial and insurance activities sector generates the greatest production per hour worked.

Currently, companies and the economic situation in companies have evolved, all this has generated that new ventures arise and also that some companies close their doors, of the companies that continue to operate, of these some have been working almost a century, companies with more Experience in Ecuador are:

  • Vicunha Ecuador s.A.
  • The Thessalia Springs Company S.A.
  • Valdez S sugar company.A.
  • CN S National Brewery.A.
  • El Universo Anonymous Company


In recent years, the number of new companies in Ecuador has increased since 2000, companies are dependent on the economic, political and legal environment of the country.


62% of Ecuadorian businessmen say that the economic environment is detrimental, the sectors that are less optimistic are the commercial and industrial sector, an example of how the economic sector affects is safeguarding with a surcharge from 5% to 45% of imports , this percentage affection for companies that require imported consumer goods, all this has been obliged to adjust sales budget but also other national companies have had the beneficial one to increase their market quotas.

Ecuador has a little dynamic environment, financial and business strategies must.

A strategy on the economic environment is to create innovative companies that is, to provide opportunities for progress and provide development to the inhabitants 

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