Companies And Considerable Waste

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Companies and considerable waste


The nature of the Sorepa organization, S.A. Subsidiary of CMPC companies, was created in 1979, with the mission of developing the market for the collection of papers and cardboard, in order to recover for recycling, the greatest proportion of these elements. “Leader in the recovery, management and disposal of paper waste, delivering an optimal and comprehensive solution to the demands and needs of its customers’. In more than four decades of management, Sorepa has contributed to significantly reduce the amount of these waste in landfills, with ecological gain for the entire community.


SOREPA provides advice and training to companies and organizations willing to give proper use and destination to their waste, maintaining a constant technological development supported by cutting -edge technology such as electronic scales, amazing, choppers and a classification line that makes it possible to separate the materialsAccording to your categories. All this has allowed Sorepa to have the certification of the National Health Service of the Environment of the Metropolitan Region and as well as each of its branches. The objective sectors are waste -generating companies, collectors with purchasing power, and individual collectors (natural persons).

Organization analysis as a system. Sorepa has three major processes: commercial, administration, operations;The commercial process aims to maintain and increase the purchases of raw materials (paper and cardboard waste) either to companies and/or individuals, according to market demands. The administration is oriented in support of the commercial part;management of suppliers, collection to customers, payment of services, etc. And in the RR. H H. Remuneration payment, benefit management (agreements, etc.) and work environment. Operations aims to carry out the efficient management of resources in the process of purchase and sale of paper waste.

Management of their own personnel and contractor, channel feedback to those in charge of the management of the RR. H H. of the personnel in charge, ensure compliance with waste withdrawals to companies and individuals. Sorepa has interaction with its suppliers, community in general, and contractors;to its suppliers with the generation of the withdrawal of the waste and information of the quantity and quality of raw material delivered by them;With the community in general, encouraging her to recycle giving talks in beneficial schools and organizations which can generate a monetary income through recycling. 

Generating employment to natural persons and SMEs through the outsourcing of tasks. In summary, there is a cycle which begins with the generation of the paper residue, either by individuals or companies who have the opportunity to generate income through their waste, as an incentive the removal of the waste is offered free of charge to the generators, it is here whereThe contractor enters which performs the waste retirement service, next step already in the company (whether parent house or branches) is classified and processed by the residue, then allocating it to the companies that carry out the recycling itself transformed the residue intopaper and/or new cardboard to the national or international market.

Application of administration concepts to an organization. Personnel administration functions process assistance, vacations, reception of medical licenses, and requests for use of benefits such as complementary health insurance and compensation box, extraordinary hours reports, communication drops, evaluating the work environment, generating training activities, recreational activities for staff and their families as a Christmas party, carry out selection and contracting processes when necessary, review and store performance evaluations.

It should be noted that for the plants located in the Metropolitan Region, the Personnel Department interacts directly with the staff, but in the branches everything is channeled through the plant manager of each of the facilities and must feed information to the department in the Matrix house, generatingthe corresponding reports and channeling the necessary documents for the other processes that require them, and must send information via email or by suitcases the relevant documentation. In the personal performance evaluation that is carried out semiannually, the aspects in which it will be evaluated is clearly explained.


As punctuality, accident rate, dealing with suppliers, interpersonal relationships with their co -workers, and they are also explained what of them directly affect the goals of the organization, such as the quality of the processed cut, rejections, use of the equipment, such asIts performance directly affects compliance with the goals or objectives of the plant in which they work. Delivering a clear feedback regarding the evaluation carried out and the reason for non -compliance if it may be any parameter of an item, and reconciling with how it can improve its performance with its tools or if it requires external help (either trainingor instruction) to comply with the established parameter.

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