Community Female Leadership: The Empowerment Of Young Women

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Community female leadership: the empowerment of young women


Since the birth of the Dominican Republic in 1844, young women have played a determining role in the design of our country’s democracy. The role of young ladies in political circles, although in relation to men, has always been reduced when we talk about quantity.

Even so, the political participation of women has always been stellar. Froilona Febles, who with 30 years joined the separatist cause, Guillermo Bastard Rosa with 25 years, Rosa Duarte and Ten with 24 years, Concepción Bona and Hernández with 20 years and María de Jesús Pina with 19 years are some examples of leadershipfemale and the empowerment of young women in the country.


Political leadership is not a topic exclusively of men, although the idea that women are not interested in this issue is sold through the national media. This is reflected in the National Congress, whose female representation is not proportional to the population of women living in the country. Well, at first glance, men are a majority in both legislative chambers, although in population women are significantly more than men. According to the National Statistics Office and the 2018 Census, more than half of the Dominican population is a woman, although this is not reflected in national leadership.

A community leader today, is a young woman with a special capacity to manage good practices within her community and establish viable solutions to community problems for the improvement of the quality of life of those who inhabit it.

From this perspective, the development and participation of young females in community female leadership becomes increasingly urgent.

The Mameyes, for putting a case, a community of the Santo Domingo Este municipality, has achieved a positive visible change from the perspectives of female leadership in the media.

Struggles as emblematic as the preservation of the Eastern Park, has a lot to do with community female leadership. This struggle, spatially, was initiated by a group of joviales women, who managed to gather the most important sectors of the Los Mameyes community until the attention of all sectors of the country through the national press and demand the former president of the partyWestern of the Island La Hispaniola, the recognition of community rights over the park and "put the example", as the first president.

Our interest today, in these lines, is to publicize the role of the empowerment of the young woman, and how this allows an essential role in the social, thus making it a voice leader who motivate the change.

From this point of view, gender equality and the promotion of women’s rights to close the inequality gap in political leadership today constitute a challenge for the Santo Domingo Este municipality, and especially for the community that pays tributeTo the name of the most tropical fruit in the country, the mameyitos mangoes, since more young ladies are needed claiming their leadership and space.

It is important to note that women are most of the country’s population and are also one of the most affected parts of the impact of socio -political violence in this community.


In conclusion, the stereotype that operates in our community tends to contradictory to women as someone deeply conservative. These preconceived ideas are detained in time, even without updating.

Finally, the results indicate that the last two decades of today, the woman from the Mameyes has gained important spaces. It is for them, that this analysis is part of the effort to reflect on the participation and leadership of the young woman from a positive perspective in the line that I postulate today: political leadership.    

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