Communication Within The Company

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Communication within the company


This article explains the importance of communication inside and outside the company so that the work environment is friendly so that external relations with other companies are favorable to grow to the same. In addition to the importance of the media to inform the general public and the competition and thus have a positioning/image.

Communication is something that practically we can do it either verbal, written or nonverbal (by means of signs and even body language). But in a company, in reality communication is used? It would have to be used, since it is considered the most important tool to be constantly contact with all the staff of a company or organization.


Communication is the dynamic process by which the issuer as the receiver exchange messages. This is important in a company because they are in constant feedback (feedback) new ideas and even a more friendly work environment can arise by which the staff both the administrator and those in charge feel confident and can work on a more efficient way, benefiting themselves as the company.

Types of communication within a company

  • Informal communication: they are social relations either outside the company or within this. They are generally used by managers to have a network of contacts with other managers in order to make their companies grow with the support of these. It is also used to have a feedback between the company’s staff or external to have an information flow to give and receive.
  • Formal communication: unlike informal communication, formal communication is more organized, vertical, anyone does, only those in charge of the company. It serves to communicate the relevant information about the company (financial data, concerns, reports, etc.) To the entire general public.
  • Negotiation: Negotiation has the purpose of obtaining resources for the company as well as dealing with the competition and the company’s same employees, which is to solve problems or get things that benefit the company.
  • It is important that managers have these points, either to get contacts and thus grow the company as well as maintain a good relationship with their team so that everyone works efficiently and jointly. Also the negotiation ability either with other managers or with its same team and obviously dominate formal communication to communicate to the general public the information about the company.


The media

The media have an important role in the company, through these they make the company known to the public. The media is thought of as a channel to reach a broader audience, forgetting that before they can, or want to pass the message to their audience, we must influence the means to project the event and the sponsor of acoherent mode with the objectives that the company intends. (Antoine, 2012: 122)

In addition to making the company known to the public, it is also made known to the company by positioning it in the market and creating ties with other companies to grow together. You must have a close relationship with the means so that these are a tool that helps the company when informing.

The media as commercial assets

The media are intermediaries between the company and public opinion. It is a tool that serves to reach a greater reach. There are several ways to advertise a commercial assets, such as publicity, consists in disseminating information but without having to pay for this. It is important to elaborate the message so that it is informative, complete, clear and credible. Also choose a medium that does not distort this message and in the same way has credibility about the audience so that the message is understood what wants to convey. (Cf. Antoine, 2012: 122).

Who is responsible for representing the company?

High level managers now also have more obligations in the field of public relations. They must be able to respond immediately to crisis that could create image problems for their organizations. (Hellrieger, 2012: 14).

The high -level manager should not only be the company’s face is also responsible for organizing its staff and planning the future of the company. The high -rank manager has greater domain in formal communication and negotiation, is constantly related to other companies as with the media to keep the image of their company clean to be informing the public about this.

Skills of an administrator

The success of an administrator depends more on their performance and how people and situations, according to their personality characteristics;It depends on what the administrator achieves and not on what he is. This performance is the result of the skills that the administrator has and uses. (Chiavenato, 2007: Page. 3)

  • Technical skills: It is the ability to work with objects, knowledge acquired about programs, etc.
  • Human skills: It is the ability to interact with other people to have a dynamic communication process in which ideas and opinions are exchanged.
  • Conceptual skills: is the ability to understand the operation and what the company represents to organize and administer it.


Administrator papers

  • Interpersonal Paper: These are external and internal communications networks for legal matters, organization, planning, advising, etc. In order to be interaction with your staff and other companies.
  • Informative paper: it is the dissemination of information to other organizations such as the public. This role is usually done with the support of the media so that it is of greater reach, but it can also be made through meetings.
  • DECISION PAPER: The administrator is responsible for making decisions, represents the organization both external and internal.


Managing is much more than directing, organizing and planning a company or organization. It is to face when problems happens through the means to make known the position of it, at the same time it is opening the way in the midst of the competition to make themselves known and create a reputation that favors your company. (Cf., Chiavenato, 2007: 6)

The role of the administrator is the most important part for the company to work, without it there would be no order, there would be no image, who face this before the competition, public and personnel of the company. Communication for this is important, interacting dynamically with everyone, is an indispensable tool.


Communication is a fundamental part of creating internal ties as external. Without these ties there would be no feedback among the staff, or with the public, or with the competition, which would lead to the bankruptcy of the company. It is important that there is a feedback of ideas in opinions so that the company is strengthened and grows so that it favors everyone. It is also important to use the media to inform about the company and be public knowledge giving it a recognition as an image.

It is very important to choose the appropriate means of communication that have credibility in front of the audience, be ethical (do not involve personal opinions, or distort the message that the company wants to convey) and above all that you get to deliver the message to the aforementioned recipients.


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