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Communication, understanding and production of texts


Asthma is a chronic disease that affects the respiratory tract, making the air that enters and leaves the lungs decreases. This disease is mainly suffered by children, although there are also adults who have it and have had a lifetime. That is why asthma has no cure, but with a correct treatment and monitoring of the disease you can have a normal life.


The diagnosis of asthma is given after the doctor does a series of tests and reviews. Your GP can refer to a demonologist or if he is able to do the tests himself. These tests can be: a spirometry, which consists of seeing what happens to the bronchial tubes when we exhale after having inhaled deeply. Another test is the maximum flow, it is consisting of seeing how much force you can exhale, if the flow values are minimal to those of the normal means that your lungs are not working quite well.

In relation to the symptoms of this disease, not all people have them in the same way, they can be more serious when there is an attack or less serious. The symptoms that may appear in minor cases are: wheezing, coughing, difficulty breathing, chest oppression and nasal symptoms such as itching or sneezing. But there are also the symptoms for which a doctor has to go to:

 Difficulty breathing even if you are not doing anything, accelerated pulse, sweating, anxiety, alteration and chest pain. The causes of symptoms in people who have sensitive airways can be allergens, such as pollen, dust mites, animal dandruff, climate change, exercise, tobacco smoke, etc.

So that these symptoms do not reach older there are treatments, that is, with a correct treatment you can avoid attacks. The type of preventive treatment is the one that avoids attacks, this consists of having a daily medicine that controls asthma. The medications that are prescribed for this type of treatment can be: inhaled corticosteroid.


 On the other hand we have rescue medications, which are used at specific times such as an attack, before exercising, etc. These can be: fast -acting agonists, ipratropium, oral and intravenous corticosteroids, rapid relief inhaler. The most recommended by doctors is to have a preventive treatment, so it was already said that asthma has no cure. But with this treatment you can have a normal life, since it keeps the disease controlled and any sport or any activity can be done.

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