Communication In The Virtual Classroom In Students

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Communication in the virtual classroom in students


The issue on assertive communication is a connatural reality in each of the people, it develops as a fundamental part of our life;Each human being is responsible for forming their community, and thus establish a good relationship with them.

In the experience of diversity, the person experiences changes and open to other realities, which allows himneed to share it in a specific, concrete place, where the teacher transmits that experience to the rest of the educational community.

And from this educational perspective, the issue of assertive communication becomes a singular importance. It is known that the classroom is a space for coexistence where interpersonal relationships are generated. At present, due to pandemic, the situation of not being able to attend schools originates, the need to maintain a distance education through virtual classrooms is born.


Assertive communication through this period fulfills a favorable role in the virtual teaching process that manifests between;student – student / student – teacher through verbal and nonverbal communication to promote optimal learning.

On the other hand, given the problems that arise in the virtual classroom;As, the low Internet connection, poor communication and little disposition of parents, results in low performance that influences their attitudes.

Observing all the difficulties that arise in the virtual classroom, it is decided to take as an instrument a questionnaire and an observation guide to collect students’ responses, about assertive communication. In this way, it can be inferred that to achieve it

Improvement of interpersonal relationships in students, harmonic communication between them and the increase in their learning, there must be permanent motivation.

That is why the teaching work is undoubtedly a main axis to promote quality education in cultural society, where students are prepared to face reality.

Finally, the conclusions are presented, the information is collected through the instruments and the evidence of the video calls.


The importance of this role, of each word and each attitude shown by the teacher, intervenes in the teaching of individuals. The teacher is the mediator, who supports the student to achieve the purpose of education "learn to learn", to generate their own mental structures, which manage to generate significant learning and learning in the conceptual, the procedural and attitudinal where cognitive processes where cognitive processesThey are linked to the affective and emotional processes that are propitiated through assertive communication. 

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