Communication As The Basis For The Evolution Of Man

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Communication as the basis for the evolution of man

Communication theory 

“The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of the words, you can control the people who must use the words."

(Philip k. Dick.)

Human communication has transcended levels which have allowed us to evolve as a society, this has allowed the ideas of the past to be reflected in the present and last in the future, being vital sources of human knowledge, with which our culture is constantly transformed, allowing us to communicate dare of time.

In the process of evolution of the monkey, needs were created, which gradually moved us away and differentiating from irrational animals, new activities were created and with this new requirements arose, requirements such as the communication that although it exists in the greatmajority of animals, it had to be transformed, so that it was possible to convey ideas, feelings, emotions etc. Being essential to take the big step that would rationally remove us from animals. Therefore, by evolving communication in humans it was necessary to create, sounds, which would later become words, drawings or representations, that had a cultural and collective acceptance of what they represented in reality, to thisacquired information, giving with this a primitive start of the symbols, which would later become a structured writing system.

Thanks to this, the human left his mark around the world, filled with stories, stories and illustrations, but what really was his goal?, The human has sought to capture their experiences to transmit them to generations to come so that they learn who we were and how we lived, leaving teachings that allowed progress without making the same mistakes, on the other hand, if you want to, we could see the selfish side of thehumanity and say that we seek to prevail in the memory of others being immortal to history.

On the other hand, communication has been fundamental in society, or as Wilbur Schramm states:

It has become one of the most important crossroads of human behavior, understandable situation since communication is a process – perhaps the fundamental process – social social. Without communication there would be no human groups and societies. It can hardly be theorized or projecting investigations in any field of behavior, without having made some hypotheses regarding human communication. (Wilbur Schramm, The Science of Human Communication, 1980.)

This is why communication allows to control reality, alter perception and in the worst case, manipulate this, according to who uses it.

It is due to the power of communication that through history has served as a weapon and shield at the same time either the case of Latin, language previously used by the Catholic religion to persuade its faithful, or Nazi propaganda for political purposes for political purposeson the contrary of activists such as Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr., which sought to change the thought of an oppressive society.

In conclusion, communication allowed the human being to be a rational animal has been and will be present in human evolution, that is, communication evolves as man does, being a fundamental basis in evolution can bring both positive and negative changesIn contemporary society, this is why we are responsible for such communication to serve as a tool in the construction of a society that looks towards the future and not allowing this to be a victim of the mistakes of the past.


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