Commercial Ties Between Japan And Mexico

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Commercial ties between Japan and Mexico


Rodrigo de Vivero was with Shogun, he received with interest the news of the decision of Japan to cease his isolation policy. They decided to publish the manuscript. In which he detailed his experience in Japan and negotiations with the shogun. This document was probably written during a return trip to Mexico or immediately after arriving in Acapulco on October 27, 1610. They also mentioned the commercial ties that the country had with Asia through Acapulco Gallion for centuries. Manila, a connection that ended in the War of Independence. However, during these years.


Japan entered a period of vortex that led to the restoration of Emperor Meiji, while Mexico faced foreign interventions and civil war. In 1874, a commission of Mexican astronomers, directed by Francisco Díaz Kovarovias, traveled to Japan to observe the passage of Venus Earth through the solar circuit and on December 9 from these observations, determine the real dimensions of the solar system. The Committee presented a long and documented report on its astronomical observations. They were mentioned by their American, French and Russian counterparts.

And produced an impressive report on the economic, political and social situation of Japan. His last recommendation was that the Mexican government wanted to establish diplomatic relations, communications and direct trade with Japan. Negotiations on this would begin in Washington in 1888 on the initiative of the Mexican side. At first, Japan did not want to negotiate the equality agreements signed between this and west at the end of the Tokugawa period. After failing in this attempt. Japan Foreign Minister Okuma Shigenobu developed his own doctrine to rethink this asymmetric art. 

To achieve this goal, I needed precedents to facilitate the rapid signature of an equality agreement, and that was not a problem for Japan. The natural candidate was Mexico. Minister Okuma ordered his minister in Washington, Munemitsu Mutsu, and immediately proposed to his Mexican counterpart, Matías Romero resurrected. This rapid and productive process culminated in an agreement signed in Washington on November 30, 1888 by Ministers Matías Romero and Monemizu Matsu. For Japan, it was the first convention to fully recognize its national authority over its entire population.

As well as their ability to impose taxes on imported products according to their commercial interests. In fact, Japan could have discussed their unequal art with Western countries, which used the treaty as a legal precedent. For Mexico, this was the first agreement he signed with an Asian nation, which would help restore the old links with the continent. Today, the Mexico Embassy is in the same lands that the Japanese government decided to allow in 1898 after the establishment of diplomatic relations. The land is located in the Nagatacho area, in the center of Tokyo. 

They are found in the continent, in natural insects of excellent quality, which are not obtained at sea, in the old area of the Samurai Daimyo of the Edo period. There are the diet, the official residence of the Prime Minister, the presidents of the Salas, as well as the central offices. This is the political region of the Japanese capital.  The Mexico Embassy is close to the Imperial Palace and the Akasaka Palace, which is destined to house foreign heads of state or government that visit Tokyo. The Friendship Agreement. Trade and navigation of 1888 was the common basis for the development of economic, cultural relations.


Rare and political between the two countries. He was later replaced by another treaty signed in 1924, which updated some of his points. Many other treaties on different issues were signed by the two states during the 20th century, when bilateral ties developed considerably. Therefore, a network of contracts and agreements that cover cultural exchange and education, technical cooperation, trade, air navigation services, tourism investment, as well as many other specific issues of common interest.

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