Commercial Routes In Europe

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Commercial routes in Europe


Throughout the years millions of products have been sold, but it is the silk who has had the most impact on economic exchange, since it was accepted as currency to get different products. Silk was produced in China, according to the story, Empress Leizu who is considered the Silk Worm Mother, the story tells that one afternoon after Leizu has practiced archery, a mulberry tree sat down to take a cup to take a cupOf tea, the cup to drink and in that a strange ball fell to his drink, intrigued examined it and noticed that it was soft and shot of a strand thus discovering the silk, soon raised and domesticated worms thanks to a wooded woodby the yellow emperor, her husband.


Centuries ago Europeans had the need for resources that could only occur in China, between these goods was silk, these productions were considered luxury and the people who owned it had a position in high society, the products were transported from Africa, India and China to Europe, although it was not a route where this fabric was only passed, the route is known as the silk route, since it called it Ferdinand von Richthofen, because this was the most valued product. And so thanks to the export of silk, China maintained for centuries the monopoly of the market having as a better secret the origin of silk.

Said monopoly was defended by an imperial decree, the one who tried to export silk worms or cups outside China would have death;The Arabs, on the other hand, with their conquests, expanded serulture on the southern coast of the Mediterranean, including Africa, Spain and Sicily, which developed a fundamental silk industry;Until in the sixth century D.C The Byzantine empire discovered its secret by breaking the Chinese monopoly going on to control the market. With the loss of silk monopoly, the Chinese stopped having a market for their basic textile products.  However, they maintained their domain within the framework of luxury silk products, so China continued to export high quality fabrics to Europe and the Middle East through the Silk Route.


This route was interrupted in the year 1453 when the Ottoman Empire conquered Byzantium cutting the communication between the East and the West, taking the routes to its end. In 2018 China sought to become a global power in commercial, economic, cultural and technological issues, this ambitious project is known as the new Silk route, which implies commercial relations around the world. Eduardo Revilla Taracena, coordinator of the Master in Global Marketing of ITESO, affirmed that the new Silk Route is the key instrument to legitimize China’s resurgence as a global power.

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