Comments On The Text The Year Of The Plague: Daniel Defoe

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Comments on the text The year of the plague: Daniel Defoe

Commentary to the text The year of the plague: Daniel Defoe

In this text written by Daniel Defoe, an English journalist and writer, he tells us about the great epidemic that was the plague. As we can see in the title of the text, this was written in 1722, that is, after the date on which this great epidemic was produced, which was throughout the fourteenth century.

The plague was a devastating pandemic that occurred in Asia and was expanding throughout Europe, thus causing many deaths, continued by a subsistence crisis, poverty, famine, etc. As it says in the text, economic activity was paralyzed, that is, they stopped producing food and crops to avoid infection. This caused a rise in pricing of the most basic food, such as bread, which resulted in a famine and many migrations occurred to the field, in order to find a better life and avoid infection, but the vast majority died along the way since they carried this epidemic.

When the plague disappeared, as I said before, there was then a crisis that ended in turn with many deaths. What I mean is that, the people who survived the epidemic, later died due to the lack of basic things, such as food, a roof under which to live, etc. The text indicates that the plague was a release, that is, as we know, the epidemic left many deaths and a lot alive the upper classes that had enough money to be able to stay.

In conclusion, the text leaves us with sad news that, in its time, was a nightmare for everyone who lived it. It was an epidemic that left millions of deaths but, in turn, managed to end the crisis caused after it.


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